New work is dribbling onto the website • December 7, 2016


Well Hey!


Bit by bit, I’m catching up on uploading the huge backlog of new work I need to get on the website. Believe it or not, I’m still adding work that was done over the summer.




This is one of 10 paintings I did of a sunflower in one day, standing in a motel court in West Yellowstone, Montana. The owner is a really fine gardner, and he asked if I could paint his big old bloom. So I did. Of course I did! He’s a very sweet fellow who, without even hesitating, lets me set up a temporary studio in my room every time I visit.


As soon as I’ve got all the sunflowers up, I hope he will choose one that I can send to him. Meanwhile, keep a casual eye out for a lot more work, slowly appearing!


Take care –


Your Buddy Bill