Logan-Astrup_Peak 6a


I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with this one!


I’ve been tempted to see what happens if I brutalize – and even tear into – a sheet before ever beginning to paint. This beat up, cracked old peak I’m portraying has just the right character to try something like that, so I did! That was yesterday, and then it took about 10 minutes of ink slinging before I realized I was in real trouble. Three terrible hours later, I was certain my picture was horrible. In a last ditch attempt to try anything, I ripped even further into the top of the peak, thinking I might at least slip a whole new mountain top in and paste it down. The photo above was what this mess looked like when I gave up in disgust last night.


This morning I got a big surprise! Once I simply put a sheet of blank paper behind my gapping rip, the top of my mountain suddenly looked perplexingly . . . better? How was that even possible?


Okay, so you know how I spent my day today! I sanded and carefully laid in that white sheet behind my damned hole, then ground up and frayed it’s edges even more before carefully pasting them all down. Finally, I tapped the flat side of a brush with the barest amount of diluted ink against the area, so the texture would pick up just a bit of it.


The snapshot below is of how things stand tonight – it doesn’t capture the true complexity of the dimension and texture I’ve got going, but if you CLICK THE PICTURE YOU’LL GET A BETTER LOOK!



Logan-Astrup_Peak 6b



Logan Flowering 239


Good Morning!!


This is going to be a monster week of landscape picture making, but I also still have a ton of flower pictures to prep before I can add ’em to this website. What a task – I did almost 300 last year, so I have plenty of new blooms to show you yet. And of course, I’ll let you know how things are going as my brush roams the Norwegian fjord and mountain country.


Let’s all clobber this day, okay?


Your Buddy Bill


PS: this morning’s bloom is different version of one I showed you a little while back, which was more stripped down. Here that one is again – which do you like best?


Logan Flowering 237



Logan Astrup Peak 4


These new ones give me five now under way. I might shoot for a dozen keepers, which would be enough for a whole album of paintings. Even if I don’t manage that, it’s an excellent plan to have a bunch of pictures going at once. That way, when I get too confused by one, I can switch to another picture before I ruin it. That’s so easy to do right now – I’m waaaaaay past my comfort zone with these!


Logan Astrup Peak 5





Do you wanna see something goofy interesting? The painting above actually began as entirely different scene! Yep, it did, but then I got confused by the all of that chaotic texture. So the poor picture sat in a pile until this morning, when I decided to try putting a completely different scene right over top! Or am I kind of sneaking it in? I don’t even now if this is gonna work, but it’s worth a shot.


Here is what the picture looked like before I started messing with it again:


Logan Norway 4 9-14-17


And below is yet another painting, this time from the same round as the one above originally came from. Now you can get some notion of what it was that I was trying to paint. I wonder if I’ll succeed in completely changing the view? Stay tuned!


Logan Norway 1 9-14-17



Your show-n-tell tomorrow is sure to be something inky, but not today!


I just stumbled across this in a desktop folder it shouldn’t have been in. It’s a digitally altered fragment of one of Reidun’s childhood drawings, which we used in our 2016 holiday card. How nice to start the morning with a sweet little surprise!


Logan Reidun birds



Logan-Astrup Peak 1


Hey ya –


Here are down and dirty snapshots of pictures I’ve begun since yesterday. All are of a stormy Norwegian mountain that is pretty darned well known. I’ll tell you more about that soon, but not just yet! First I must succeed with these (and several more versions) because my cojones are involved.


It’s no surprise that I’m already struggling. Why wouldn’t I be though? After all, this is just the beginning of my big new push and I’m trying to manage two things that don’t combine easily: rugged, rocky textures and gauzy, weathery atmospherics. How does one achieve sharply defined and fuzzy all at once?


Oh, and I’m also sticking to mid-tones as much as I can, with almost no use of black. That’s really, really hard for me!


Logan-Astrup Peak 2a


Logan-Astrup Peak 3



Logan Flowering 219


Happy Morning Ya’ll –


I’m up but the sun’s not, which means I’m still cradling my mug of tea and wishing I was sleeping. Thoughts and ideas are tangled, sort of like these flowers! As early as it is though, it’s already time to uncap my ink pots. This’ll  be a day of painting Norwegian mountains, which might be fun – or at least a small adventure!


I hope you also have a day you’re looking forward to!


Your Buddy Bill





Logan Flowering 169


Good Morning –


It seems like all sorts of little things – or concerning things – are stacking up in my life just now  – – – and I’ve let them become excuses for winding myself up and avoiding my headlong crash into big creative challenges. I sometimes forget that the rhythm of living is full of things you have to deal with – BUT it’s nothing more than life being lived. And it’s the business of living, not why I live – which other than taking care of those I love is to create – – – to create my ass off as ferociously as I can.


This morning I remembered this.


Now I’m going to do it. AND I’m also inhaling because it feels wonderful to breath, and know I am as I was meant to be.


Today’s bloom is a quiet one to breath deep with –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 278


This morning I was looking at this one and thinking it’s one of my best bloom pictures from last year. I’ve shown it to you once before but here it is again, because there’s wonderful, unpredictable painting and mark making going on in there – and just tons of whimsy!




Hey ya’ll – have a fine and creative day!



Logan Fjord View 4


Above is a quick studio photo of the same mountain/fjord view I showed you two days ago. It’s now done – or at least has gone as far as I can take it before I move on. I added a little grain and texture here and there, and most importantly, changed the whole character of the mountain top at upper right.


Little differences make big differences! Here, take a look:


Logan Fjord View 5


In the before photo, you can see that the big, bold outline of the right-hand mountain just wasn’t working. It was a remnant of the earlier picture, which was more mark driven rather than painterly. When the whole idea of a picture changes, I sometimes must sacrifice things I wish I didn’t have to. I liked that big old mark, but it had to go. I’m content with the outcome.


There are A LOT more Norwegian mountains in my immediate future – keep checking in!



Logan Treed 10


Yes, I know, I said no post today, AND I KNOW that I’ve been showing you a number of beat up old trees lately. But I had to show you this, and you know that I chase and refine an image or set of moves until I either get it right or wear out. Here we have a fine end game for this particular batch of pictures. Hope you agree!





Logan Flowering 211


Is it a weepy, willowy, gnarly bad twig day? One thing for sure is that it’s a whole whacked, moving fast catalog of mark making. CLICK IT TO SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!


There won’t be a post on Sunday – I hope to be lost in a new Norway picture  – wish me luck!



Hey ya –


Did you know that it’s pretty darned nice to have a big stack of reject pictures? I mean, just take a look at mine (and then keep reading):




Actually, there’s another stack that’s half as tall just out of the photo! I burn through A LOT of paper, and my ratio of winners to losers used to really bug me. Not now!


Let me show you something – below is what was supposed to be a picture of a stormy Norwegian fjord, before it turned muddy and I lost my way. That was last October. Today I began messing with it again. This is what I started with (please excuse my so-so studio photos):


Logan Fjord View 1


You know, there were some pretty interesting things happening in there, but the picture lacked punch – or any focus.


So I decided to dig into my big stack of loser pictures, looking for new textures I could start laying in right over top. Did you know failed flower pictures are gold mine of landscape textures? Huh. Take a look at what happened once I began ripping, sanding, twisting and gluing bits and pieces down.


Logan Fjord View 2


WOW, interesting, right? Suddenly this picture began to get some game back! So I kept going, even ripping holes into it so unexpected bits of marked up scrap paper could peek through from behind! Now, look at the next photo – – –


Logan Fjord View 3


I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is getting close to being sort of wonderful. It needs fussing yet, which might happen tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll let it rest for a few days and see if I can start resurrecting another picture that has tipped over too far!


Please, PLEASE click the last photo to take a closer look! It’s worth it!



Logan Flowering 281


Here’s one that is as mixed up as wild flowers and weeds usually are – with a mash up of big, old marks and textured grays too. And it’s somehow whimsical yet still brooding. Huh.







I plan to make this a year defined by landscape painting, but I still have a TON of flower pictures to show you too, so I’ll keep posting them almost daily. This moody bloom almost looks like it could have come out of my sis’ film (see my previous post)!





My sister (Kay) left for home yesterday, Reidun went to work and today I begin a new creative year with high hopes and BIG plans!


The Logans had a fabulous holiday, and I want to share something so cool there are no words – so I’ll show you pictures! My sis brought the first edit of a half-hour long animated film she made as her present to us! She used her own drawings and photographs, my paintings, a postcard I sent Reidun – AND some of my Sweetie’s childhood drawings (the very same I use each year as source material for our holiday greetings cards).


Here are a bunch of stills from the film – WOW!!! Kay is going to tweak the project a bit more, but eventually it’ll be on Youtube and I’ll post the link.




Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.18.47 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.34.37 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.39.11 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.35.20 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.39.43 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.40.21 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.41.02 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.43.28 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.44.04 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.44.40 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.45.02 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.45.36 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.46.49 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.47.35 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.48.27 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.49.18 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.16.38 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.17.25 AM



Logan Flowering 244


Very spare marks – nothing much that’s fancy about ’em, but there is really good gesture in there, and a good change up between line weights that make this picture quite appealing.



Logan Dragonfly


Hey ya –


We’re mostly in holiday mode here, so I’ve been puttering more and being lazy more too. A year ago now, I was making dragonfly pictures to go into an album for my Sweetie. Now I’m going to do a few butterflies to keep them company.


Next week I’ll be back to work really hard, but right this very moment, I hear Reidun and my sis giggling and laughing like crazy downstairs – I think I’ll go join them!


Just in case I don’t write before then – HAVE A REALLY HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Treed 13


So often, I do a lot of similar versions of a picture as I try to nail just the moves I need. Not sure why this is my method, unless I’m a bit obsessive. Okay, I’m sure I am, but how could I not be? Isn’t that what keeps me going, and reaching? And doesn’t that fuel uncertainty too? I’m too often the worst judge of my own work! Am so glad I have loved ones that help me with that.


Oh and by the way, I like this picture – – – just as much as the one I showed you a few days ago (scroll down). They were done very close to each other, of course!



Logan Flowering 159


Look closely and you’ll see a little friend sitting in the branches. This scrubby tree was done just before the last picture I showed you, and that round of ink slinging seems to have been particularly nuts! I’d like to push that even further, and perhaps 2018 will be the year to do it.


There might not be a post tomorrow – my sis has arrived, and that means unpredictable creativity is about to start happening. I tend to get caught up in that, but I’ll try to touch base a time or few before year’s end.



Logan Flowering 161


After the calm simplicity of the last two pictures I’ve shown you, maybe it’s time for a little craziness. When I painted this one, it just blew out all over the place, starting on the left and then pounding off pretty much where ever it wanted to go – despite some ideas I had otherwise! That’s okay, they can do that and I’ll follow along.