Logan Flowering 237


This is a nice set of marks, very well balanced.


I’m not sure how that happens when it does, and I certainly don’t have a formula or much of a plan when I make a picture. But don’t you think everything in this one fits together easily? There’s nothing complicated – just the right amount of bold and delicate, enough smear and bleed, and a little mess to keep things interesting. Very satisfying!



Logan Treed 11


Breezy today and the wind whistling through naked tree branches made it sound cold out. And it made me think about the little round of tree pictures I did last Spring. It’s been a bit since I last showed you one of ’em, so here you go!


I like how fast and light hearted this picture is. By fast, I mean that you can tell just by looking that it was done playfully and quickly – with no real thinking involved. Sheesh, that doesn’t sound like me at all!



Logan Flowering 247


I can’t decide whether this one is really, really peaceful, or just in your face. Do we have a visual paradox here? Maybe you should look at it more closely before deciding what you think  – CLICK IT!


There won’t be a new post tomorrow, so have the finest weekend.



Logan Flowering 217


Very cold and quiet this morning. The sunrise was spectacular, with every warm color you could imagine, yet it still looked bitterly cold out, as indeed it is. I’m dreaming of Spring. Maybe this bloom is stretching to reach it, still so far off.



And finally, here’s this year’s card –


It comes with fondness, and my wish that you have the best holidays ever!


I can’t wait for 2018 to start. I have such plans. Hope you do too.


2017 Holiday Card email version





Last year’s card was sweet and simple. I like that flying bird of Reidun’s, so I used it again.



Logan Flowering 223


The disorganized happenstance of wild things growing willy nilly – these marks came tumbling out the same way. Does it make for fine picture making? Don’t know, I’m moving to fast to decide!



This one is from 2014, and again started with my Sweetie’s childhood drawings. Reidun liked to label things when she was a kid, which was very thoughtful. Now you know what to call a house, a hen and a rooster in Norwegian! The hopeful chimney smoke was my idea.


Happy Day!


2015 CARDblog



Logan Flowering 307


Sometimes simple is all it has to be. I often forget that.




The Logan holiday card tradition is a wonderful one! My Sweetie was a great peewee artist, and her mom saved a whole lot of it. Each year I use this trove as source material to create our digital seasons greetings. I love the results – here is our 2015 card:


2015 CHRISTMAS email card



While Kay was cutting and printing the hare that I showed you in yesterday’s post (scroll down to see it), I was drawing dragonflies for Reidun. I’ll bind 12 into an accordion-folded album, like those I plan for many of the flower pictures I’ve done this year. Of course, I must figure out how to do that and what text to include. Minor details. Okay, maybe not quite so minor, but I’ll get there.


Hey, do you want to see a digital version of what it will look like? CLICK HERE and enjoy!


Logan Dragonfly album



Good Morning!


Yesterday, I showed you my sis’ holiday woodblock print from last year – she actually made it for our Sweet Reidun, who spoils me all year – and so really deserves the same in return.


Here’s another of Kay’s prints, this time from Christmas 2013. Can you tell my sis likes big, yellow suns? This impression was completely inked in colors and printed in one go.




And here is an impression where the sun was way too orange. It overpowered the print, so Kay didn’t mind that I painted in the cat that ate the poor little sparrow. Once I did that, the whole thing worked!





Logan Flowering 121


Just a wild, weedy picture of something that looks like it would probably thrive in an arid corner of a forlorn and forgotten garden!



Apologies for my absence of a few days! ‘Tis the season before the season, which means I’ve begun my once yearly, massive workspace clean up and re-organization. It’s always a bigger task than I expect, and must be done before my sis gets here (soon so soon), because not only do the holidays arrive with her, but there is bound to be some big and wildly creative project packed in her suitcase! She NEEDS room, and plenty of it. No problem, if I just clean up my big mess.


Hey, check this out: Kay is a wonderful woodblock carver and printer. Below is last year’s block, with carving almost complete. It’s huge, like 18 x 24″ huge, and that’s just about the max for printing completely via hand rubbing – IN MULTIPLE COLORS, AND ALMOST ALL AT ONCE (Kay actually printed the sun from a different block first). By the end of the small edition, my sis and I were tag-teaming it as fatigue set in.




And here is an impression from about half way through the run. Every print was a bit different, as colors and inking were adjusted. By the very last one, the blackish-brown had been lightened to a deep, rich walnut color, our hare had a bit of a pinkish nose and those little flowers at the left had more red in ’em! I know, it sounds gaudy or maybe too cute, but man did it work. I will have to try and get a photo for you.





Logan Flowering 202


Been awhile since I showed you one of my rainy bloom views, so here’s another. It has a satisfying balance between the quiet graphic tickle of gray and some very aggressive moves.


I like seeing this one large and you might too – CLICK IT TO SEE IT!



Logan Sunflower


I’ve been looking at the progression of my picture making in the last year or so, trying to get a read on where I’m going or how far I’ve come.  The sunflower above is from the very beginning of this project, and those below are pretty much where things stand now. Are we looking at forward motion, sideways motion or some sort of twisty, turny, where the hell am I going kind of motion? Hmmmm. . . I’ve gotta keep going even though I’m not sure of the answer!


Logan-Flowering-2 blooms



Logan Norwegian Cottage Garden Blooms 1


I know I said I wasn’t going to post today, and I’m already in my studio getting inky, but this is what I was looking at before I started this morning. It’s from almost the very beginning of my big round of flower pictures. I started it in Norway, finished it here many months later and that was 18 months and at least 300 pictures ago! Geez.


I think my mark making has come a fair distance since. Maybe. Take look at some of my previous posts and see what you think!



Logan Flowering 296


Sometimes my moves are so exciting that it doesn’t really matter if the marks make complete sense. Are my best pictures the ones you can’t help looking at and wondering why?





Logan Flowering 238


These simple marks, perhaps a bit crude, are so randomly placed that it seems as if they just fell on the sheet. It’s makes this picture very like a fossil, freezing an instant.



Logan Flowering 241


Here is a quiet picture that requires no particular effort from a viewer, as some of mine do. It uses it’s space well and has an appealing combination of marks with personality. No dark and brooding picture this day, when I hope to make a new picture or two.


I hope you also have a pleasant Sunday!