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Been in a bit of a creative funk this month, which didn’t improve when I badly threw my back out a few days ago. Sore! And almost impossible to get much work done. Today though, I’m at least back in first gear. Am taking it in shifts – stand a bit and paint, then sit for awhile, very straight as I tackle other tasks – like this blog entry.


Here’s a quick peek at a few new pictures that I’ll eventually flatten, fix and get a really good images of.


Back again soon –


Your Buddy Bill


Logan flower snapshot 4


Logan flower snapshot 5


Logan flower snapshot 1



Logan flower snapshot 3









Been fussing with my website (always more to do), and I spent a few minutes looking at all of the owl pictures I did. How strangely we experience time’s passage. I didn’t do those birds that long ago, yet it seems like they are from the dim past! Maybe I’ve come further since then than I realize?


CLICK ON THIS PICTURE – it’s a very quiet one but looks lovely larger.


Logan Owl 231


Owl #231 – 2013

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″




This is one of my most quirky Norwegian fjord scenes, because it’s so damn close to tipping over the abstract edge. BUT, it also captures cold, and the feel of the endless, low rolling cloud cover that comes in off the North Sea. It’s just starting to snow. Another glorious sub-arctic summer is past, and now come the long nights!


CLICK ON THIS PICTURE – it’s a great one to see larger!



Logan Fjord 5

Fjord #5 – Winter is Near, Vik i Sogn, Norway

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″




Good Morning All –


It’s kind of a crazy bloom this time! A dark, ragged almost silhouette of what – probably a big ‘ol sunflower? Whatever it may be, it’s fun to let your gaze wander around in the textures!


Have a happy weekend!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to get lost in this flower, click it!


Logan Flowering 128


Flowering #51

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Am beginning to feel the itch to do new landscapes, so I just spent a few minutes looking at some I finished a year ago. Wow, do I like what I managed to do in this one. It’s wonderfully textural and impressionistic, yet also so real. I’m on to something there – gotta get back to it soon!


CLICK ON THIS PICTURE – it’s a great one to see larger!




Fjord #6 – Rain in Sheets, Vik i Sogn, Norway

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″




Good Morning!


Here yet again are some quick snapshots from the studio, this time of the keepers for this week. Been hard to find traction, as my work time has been very fractured. And now I must switch over to writing – another article is due soon. Would much rather have a brush in my hand than sit tappety tapping away, but it’s nice to have money in the bank too!


Have the finest day!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: if you click on ’em, you can see them a little better.



Logan Bloom studio snapshot 6


Logan Bloom studio snapshot 5


Logan Bloom studio snapshot 2


Logan Bloom studio snapshot 4


Logan Bloom studio snapshot 1


Logan Bloom studio snapshot 3


I couldn’t wait to give you at least a taste of what I’ve been up to in the last month. It seems that trees are growing amidst my blooms – and maybe even a little rain is happening in some of my new pictures too! I have more than 50 that need to be flattened before I can take really good images of them – so it’ll be a bit before they start appearing here for real.


Logan studio shot 1


Logan studio shot 2


Logan studio shot 3


Logan studio shot 5


Logan studio shot 6


Logan studio shot 4



Okay, I couldn’t leave you for the day without at least one top quality image capture of one of my funky blooms.


Go be creative and make this day count!


Oh, and click the picture to make it bigger – this one is really worth it –



Logan Flowering 51

Flowering #51

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Logan flowering 4 panel


These WERE NOT supposed to all go together. The left two and right two were done separately – BUT LOOK!  They’re so close to matching up that just a couple of marks back and forth over the middle seam would do it.


Seen like this, they really do look like a bed of tulips. I think I must do this, right?


It’s fun to make this picture bigger – CLICK IT!



Good Morning Everybody –


Well, there is still plenty of updating and addition to do on this website, but now that my new section is open (CLICK HERE to see it), I think I’ve earned a few days with a brush in my hand. So back to my ink pots I go! Not sure what I’ll paint, but flowers in the rain seem likely. Wonderful, playful graphic notions are swirling around in my noggin – we’ll see if I can tease some of ’em out onto paper!


Have the finest weekend –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: here is a sunflower, done several months back. I particularly like the layering of textures.


Logan Flowering 128

Flowering #128

India ink on paper – 14″ x 21″ on two sheets




Logan sunflower album spread


It’s about time that I get going on this one -I’ve certainly been painting sunflowers long enough!


CLICK HERE to look through a virtual version of the album so far – – –



Logan header


I’ve now uploaded over 100 paintings in the last month – dozens more are still coming!


CLICK HERE and HERE  to visit a whole flower bed of pictures!









Wow! At last I’m beginning to get some of my new work up where you can see it. I hope you have a great time looking at it all – and keep an eye out too, because I still have as many more to upload!



Screen shot


The only downside to being prolific is that the more work I make, the more supportive work I create. Lots of reinforcing, flattening, image capture and web prep must happen before I can actually get new paintings online. I’m sort of overwhelmed at the moment, but headway is being made.


My favorite new feature in this big new section I’m creating is the one that lets me set up virtual albums of paintings, that you can actually look through! So damned cool, and one of those things that makes me love technology, even on days like this, when I feel as if I will never escape back to my ink pots. I also really appreciate the ability to sort and shift images around, try out design ideas, make mistakes and find answers before I actually start making these albums for real. Wow, right?


CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to the albums I’ve uploaded so far. Then enjoy!



Yep, no posts for a few days. I’m really sorry about that! I’ve been overwhelmed by the task of uploading A WHOLE NEW SECTION of work! It’s coming right along, and later today, I’ll post a bunch of links that will take you to the coolest show-n-tell.


And guess what? Saturday, I added my ONE THOUSANDTH picture to this website – and many more are still coming! That’s really hard to believe.


I’ll write again later today or early tomorrow. Until then, here an expressive little damselfly (which is very like a dragonfly):


Logan Dragonfly 24

Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #24

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Okay, I was setting this up for tomorrow and thought, “Oh just show it to ’em now!”


I have so many of these variations. That’s what happens when I chase after a graphic notion I can’t quite catch. Sometimes I do manage to run it down. Sometimes I get distracted by another idea and turn towards that. I’m never quite sure where I’m going – all I know is that I’m headed that way.


I probably won’t post again until Thursday – have the finest time until then –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: click the pic to make it bigger!


Logan Flowering 101

Flowering #101

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Good Morning


Here’s another attempt at the same kind of picture as the one I showed you yesterday. Very calligraphic, very strong – – – and really close to being more abstract than tulips. Maybe it has even gone past the tipping point! You know, I like these pictures but I’m not convinced they do what I originally intended. I might just have to get good with that, and let this be the way it is.


I’ll post another in this little series tomorrow –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to take a closer look, click the pic.


Logan Flowering 108

Flowering #108

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Another work week begins – – –


– – – and I’ll spend some of it looking backwards. Too many half-completed pictures are stacked up on my work tables, and my studio is beginning to feel claustrophobic. So, I’ll try to finish pictures that need it, and condemn others worth no further effort.


One batch of related pictures perplexes me. I like them, but are they really doing what I wanted? My thought was to portray a bunch of tulips, up close and at flower level. They all bloom at the same height, look like they’re clones and are packed in their bed as tightly as people at lunchtime on a New York City sidewalk. I’ve tried to come up with graphic moves that capture this. The pictures do have power, but I fear I may have missed my mark (bad pun). Maybe I should try doing some more and see if I can take things farther?


Have a lovely day –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to take a closer look, click the pic.


Logan Flowering 99

Flowering #99

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Happy Saturday Morning All –


Irises are coming up in my derelict garden. Quite a bunch in fact. Gotta love ’em for soldiering on in the face of careless neglect. I spend waaaaaaay more time drawing flowers than I ever did growing them!


It’s a sunny morning when they said it wouldn’t be. Had a lovely walk with my Sweetie, and now it’s time to get some picture making done. Off I go – have the finest day!


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Flowering 134B

Flowering #134B

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




In this picture, I particularly like that there are areas of gritty, grainy texture and quick, simply stated brushwork. They settled in together just right!


I so beat up the bottom middle that I inadvertently tore through the paper. Once that happened, I just pecked and ripped some more. It meant a good deal of patching and repairing before I finally flattened this picture, but boy oh howdy is that area dimensional and good looking now! You can click the picture to take a closer look.


Logan Flowering 157


Flowering #157

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″