Good Morning All –


I had a brilliant two days off, and it seems like I saw every masterpiece of printmaking you can imagine! Not only is the huge, annual IFPDA Print Fair taking place in NYC right now, but there are two other satellite fairs as well! Oh my, you would need A LOT more than two days to see and absorb it all, but I MUST GET BACK TO WORK – am aching to in fact, and I’m going to do it in moments.


Since I’m bending to my task, I figured my choice for our Saturday flower picture should bend too!


I hope that your weekend plans include some enjoyment!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Fjord 2


Here is one of the best night scenes I’ve done, and it happened quickly. I don’t think I spent even two days on it. Wow, that hardly ever happens when a picture becomes this involved. The interplay and richness of the textures is just stunning, and of course, I love the dark drama.


Next week I’ll begin working on new pictures of Norway. I think they’ll be much faster and more fluid than this one, although you never know. Once I get going, I go where I’m led.


Here are a couple of close ups so you can really climb into the grit and grain. CLICK ON ALL OF THESE to make ’em bigger – it’s so worth it!


LOGAN_FJORD2_detail blog





Logan Flowering 95


Good Morning Friends –


When I’m really chasing after a set of moves or marks, they can take me where they’re headed rather than where I thought I was going. Pictures become themselves then, and I like this one, although even a year later, I’m still uncertain whether it’s a bloom. It’s okay if it’s not, and I’m left wondering if what I think should matter more or less than it seems to.


I probably won’t post again until the weekend – the annual IFPDA Print Fair opens in New York City tonight with a big, fancy preview (which I’m not about to spend the money to attend). But I’ll be going in tomorrow and Friday – can’t wait!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 291


really like this picture. The strokes went down with such punch, and so much artifact – you know, stray marks and ragged side passages that happened all on their own, actually don’t make sense, and yet somehow fit perfectly. They add just the right atmosphere. I also learned that big gray swipes can be ethereal.


I wish all of this was in my work all the time, but as you’ve probably realized, it’s still something of a crap shoot. The only thing I can do is keep stubbornly at it so when the marks do land right, I can make the most of it!



Logan Flowering 303


Hey Ya –


Some parts of this flower (is it perhaps a Black Eyed Susan?) aren’t as inspired or fortunately spontaneous as I’d hoped for. I do like the unexpected textures that happened in the petals though. I’ve already taken that notion further – and this picture is only 8 days old! Soon enough, you’ll see what I mean.


Make this Monday count – AND click this picture to get a good look at the textures too!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 47


This picture was one of the first I did on two sheets. It seems an age ago, yet little more than a year has passed since. Now I have more than 250 of ’em, and I’m still going strong. Kinda shocked by all of this!


It’s particularly interesting to compare this painting to the two in my previous post, which are about 230 blooms further down the line. They all speak to each other in an odd way, though I’m also wondering – am I moving forwards or merely sideways? Will have to keep going for awhile before I can tell!


Happy Sunday!



Logan Flowering 283


Good Morning Y’all –


I’m entranced by bold mark making that has a great element of chance in it, so I’ve been exploring ways to make it happen. Maybe I’m a bit of a closet Abstract Expressionist?


One of the things I’ve been messing with is making quick, juicy, strokes on one sheet, then immediately slapping it face down on another sheet and rubbing to transfer the ink. It’s a wildly imperfect method – never quite know what I’ll get. Sometimes it’s a blotchy mess – and sometimes it’s blotchy/grainy cool!


Truth is, I’m not sure what to think of these pictures, but they might be sort of wonderful if we give ’em a moment.


I’ll keep exploring!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: I think you really should click on these!


Logan Flowering 288




Good Morning All –


I didn’t want to let another hectic day go by without giving you some morning blooms!


I particularly like the way the gray, wet-looking areas seem to contrast against all of the dark, grainy and ragged bold brush strokes. Although so much is going on in this picture, it still comes off as rather simple. I may have to try some new variations based on this one!


Happy Friday – do you have good weekend plans?


Your Buddy Bill


PS: it’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –


Logan Flowering 260


Flowering #260

India ink on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 22″




Tomorrow is stacking up to be an incredibly busy day, so I doubt I’ll get around to posting a morning flower. But here’s one I just finished prepping to put up on my website soon. It came out of my head, so I’m not sure, but is it perhaps a water lily? It’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –


Logan Flowering 287

Flowering #287

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 22″




Good Morning All –


Here is a quiet bloom just for you, on a Thursday that feels like Spring is far away. Unlike so many of my pictures, this has a delicacy that I should try to bring into my work more often. Yet another goal, and the sun’s not even up yet on this day that will be taken over by art support chores.


I ache for ink slinging, but that comes soon –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: it’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –



Logan Flowering 302

Flowering #302

India ink on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 21″




It’s half fun and two thirds a chore to prep image after image for the web. I have soooo many to do! But the nice thing is that I am setting up a whole lot to show you. I couldn’t resist putting one more up today – here you go:


Logan Flowering 304



Told ya some were getting weird. Am just going with it. And, this is my 300th flower picture – how did that happen?


I’ll post another one on Thursday.


Logan Flowering 300



This one is only a couple of days old, and came out so well! I’m very fond of the interplay of textures, lights, darks and suggestiveness in it. Some of the other blooms I’ve done lately are a good deal more whacky.


I’ll try to show you a new one each day for the rest of this week!


Logan Flowering 298



This picture is especially interesting, thanks to the extreme texture, which you can see so much better in this hi-resolution image capture.


I dampened an area of the paper across the lower third, then crinkled and wrung it out, just as you would a damp cloth. Geez, that’s brutal, but look at that wonderfully disrupted surface! I made it even more dimensional at the right by grinding and ripping into the sheet with sandpaper while the surface was still sodden with ink.


Logan Skjelingavatnet 5 blog


Here’s a closer view – the brown peeking through the holes is actually the drawing board underneath. I like how this looks a lot, so much so in fact that I’ve simulated how this painting will appear when it’s actually mounted on a nice, brown support sheet.


Logan Skjelingavatnet 5 detail blog



I’m sorry it took me a bit to get these photos posted. It was a lovely exhibition, in a particularly beautiful space. I can’t believe a month went by so fast!


I’m deeply grateful to the Cottage Place Gallery and the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ for allowing me to share my work with so many. Very special thanks also to Carol Wolf, who had answers for every single question. She, Bob Demarest and Wendy Setzer did a brilliant job of hanging my show. Evelyne Pastore catered the reception, and I gotta tell you, her presentation got more attention than my work – and deserved it! Finally, the biggest reason I get to be who I am is that my sweetie, Reidun, is fiercely supportive, as patient as a saint with me, and has better insight into my work than anyone. I am so very lucky.


Okay, let’s get to the pictures – this first one is a composite view of the whole show. All told, there were 37 drawings and paintings (you can see 35 here).


UU 2017 full gallery view


Next are closer looks. On one big wall, I simply clipped up 18 cats, bookended by 4 more in frames.


UU 2017 gallery detail 1


There were also big flower pictures, and of course, a number of landscapes.


UU 2017 gallery detail 3


UU 2017 gallery detail 4


UU 2017 gallery detail 2


Here are hi-resolution images of the four paintings that seemed to be the favorites:


Logan Old Burn, New Growth 3


Logan Mt. Haynes 14


Logan Flowering 29


Logan Fjord 1


Now it’s time to make a whole bunch of new work. You can imagine me hard at it in my attic studio until next Spring.


A lot more show-n-tell is coming!


Your Buddy Bill



Hey Ya –


I think I’ve done nine different versions of this view now, which is high up in the Norwegian Mountains above the Sognefjord.


One reason I do multiples of almost every scene is that it lets me depict it in all sorts of interesting weather and times of day – and it gives me a chance to really push my brushwork too.


This is another hi-resolution image capture that is much better than the snapshot I’ve shown you. In the next several days, I’ll add it, and a bunch of others as even bigger pictures – plus detail views – to the website.


Stay tuned –


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Skjelingavatnet 6 blog

Skjelingvatnet #6 – a high lake and peak, Vik i Sogn, Norway

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″




Logan bloom snapshot detail


Good Morning!


I’m wandering around in my imaginary flower bed, painting odd blooms.


These are quick close-ups of pictures on the boards. I took ’em so I won’t forget something I need to remember. No better than snapshots then, but I thought you’d like a peek at what I’m up to RIGHT NOW. Texture, texture, texture!


Have the finest Friday!


Your Buddy Bill


Logan bloom snapshot detail 2




Also wanted to show you a hi-resolution version of one of my favorite new Norwegian views. This and others are pushing me hard!


Logan Skjelingavatnet blog



Screen shot 2017-10-11 at 10.38.58 AM


I’m truly excited to be included in this continuing conversation with remarkable, creative souls, I’m humbled, and sincerely complimented.


My interview is now online- listen to it HERE!


Visit Your Creative Push – hear good advice, take it to heart, put it to action –  AND if you possibly can, lend your support HERE!



Screen shot 2017-10-11 at 10.38.58 AM


Guess what? In the next day or two, you’ll be able to listen to a podcast interview with me, conducted by the brilliant Youngman Brown!


Youngman has this crucial notion that creativity should be investigated, nurtured and supported. He’s published (and you can hear) 257 conversations with all sorts of incredibly interesting artists, writers, musicians, film makers and other podcasters – all sharing their experience, advice and secrets about how to live lives in balance with – and defined by – creative pursuit. His guest list is really impressive.


And then there’s me. I hope I don’t sound like an idiot.


Youngman says I won’t, and I trust him. We had a blast talking and I came away thinking he needs to be interviewed for his own podcast!


I’ll let you know when the show is online, but in the meantime HERE IS A LINK, so you can go explore.