Logan Flowering 228


Someone told me that yesterday’s flower picture looked like a circus – oh I love that! Here are a few more blooms, with really bad posture.


Happy weekend one and all!



Logan Flowering 278


Here’s a picture that’s all over the place! And perhaps that’s a big part of it’s charm. Do I like this because it’s a big catalog of mark making? It’s certainly fun to wander around in!





Logan Flowering 233


I’m fascinated by pictures that slip a little. The marks do what they’re supposed to and portray what I want, but they don’t quite line up. There’s a slight mismatch, and if I’m lucky, an almost palpable feeling of movement, as if you can picture just how my brush swept along, on the edge of being mis-steered. Picking up from here, I can see some of where I want to go next.





Logan Flowering 197


Isn’t this one strange? I’m actually not quite sure what it is. I began it as another attempt at a tree, but then my mark making kind of ran away from me. They’re powerful, wonderful marks though. On the left, I can maybe see some branches sticking out, or they could be  leafs or blooms. Sort of. Whatever this is, I think it’s a hell of a picture!





Logan Treed 7


This one is so scribbly loose that you would hardly think it could hold together. Yet it does, and that light hearted immediacy is the magic that leaves me wondering, “How did I just do that?” What is certain, is that if I try too hard to be spontaneous, it won’t happen. Mystery, mystery, mystery.


Oh, it’s also interesting that this was done right before the last one I showed you, even on the same day! Big difference, right?





Logan Treed 8


Hey ya –


Now and then as I’m doing my blooms, I also make a tree picture or two. I guess they’re a bit of a break from my main push. In April, I painted about a dozen of ’em. Some are bright spirited, while others – like this one – just loom.


I particularly like the galaxy of bark textures in there. And of course, we all know I love BIG BLACK marks. It’s so cool when they actually work instead of looking, well, big, black and ugly!




I’m fighting a bug right now, so among other things, I’m going to skip tomorrow’s post. Should be back at it on Tuesday though.


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 97


I see this as a hummock with wild blooms growing out of it. What do you think?


It’s kind of fun to look back at the start of something. I really like the first pictures in this series, but I’m happier still at how far I have come! You’ll see new show-n-tell here in the next few days!



Logan Flowering 154


This picture was painted (or was it drawn?) just before the one I showed you yesterday (scroll down to my last post). Both share almost the same creative moment (they were done about an hour apart). While clearly related, each is still very much its own. Small differences compound to make a bigger difference than you might expect!



Logan Flowering 154


This is one of many flower pictures that I’ve tentatively selected to go into a series of picture albums. I have much more work to do before I actually begin assembling them, but as you may know, I’ve begun the process by constructing virtual albums, so I can fool around with how things might look.


Wanna go check it out? CLICK HERE to see the digital project thus far – it will take you to a page that looks like this, and from there you can start exploring:


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.42.35 PM



Logan Flowering 205




Here I am, with a more-or-less updated computer, and newly ink stained fingertips. Oh, it’s so nice to be back to my normal routine, and to showing you new pictures! This one is a particular favorite of mine, another fanciful bloom that I think must be in the rain.


I can’t wait to begin sorting all of my new pictures into digital albums, so I can really figure out what goes where, and how I want everything to look. Then I will at last be able to start making the albums for real!


I hope you have the finest day. I’m gonna go sling ink some right now in my dusty attic lair, where you can bet grand plans are keeping me company!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 171


The idea that spidery little lines can enclose and somehow so minimally (and effectively) define mass, shape or object seems just plain odd to me. But they can. Probably kind of a “duh” moment for many artists, but I have a much harder time thinking in lines and making pictures with them than I do with bold strokes and textures.


Geez, I just compared these blooms to the ones I showed you yesterday – and they couldn’t be more different! There’s always so much to consider and wonder about in picture making. Thankfully!


PS: my daily posting may be somewhat interrupted for the rest of the week – still more computer updating taking place.



Logan Flowering 322


Here is a powerful combination of unexpected marks that seem as random as they are intentional.


I had really intended to take this one much further, and if you look at it along with the picture that I did just prior (below), you can pretty much see where I was headed. But wow, I didn’t go there! The more I looked at this odd almost picture of a bloom, the more I realized it was already everything it needed to be. It’s so abstract. Then again perhaps not. Maybe these are the guts of a final moment, when the remnants of the bloom are stripped down to last essentials: a petal or two, almost as an after thought or the echo of what once was. And the promise of seeds.


Logan-Flowering-2 blooms



Logan Flowering 174


What a gorgeous collection of mismatched/comfortably combined marks and textures! And they sort out and fit together a little differently than we expect  them to at first glance. Pleasing!


I also like how activated the negative space (white space) is by by both blooms being placed off-center, to the right. One is indeed leaning as if shoved over, while the other reaches back across the center line.


This picture happened very quickly. I knew even as it was going down, that I would be pleased. That doesn’t happen often. Most of the time, I make it about halfway, then have to feel my along from there.



Logan Flowering 289


Sometimes, when a picture makes me stretch (which means it’ll make anyone looking at it really reach), I begin wondering if it’s something special. Yep, it’s kinda chaotic. And it’s more than a little cool. My intent was to do a very wet and watery looking waterlily-like flower in darkness. This is what came out!



Logan Flowering 170


This picture is very austere and stripped down – a few marks, a few moves and nothing much to spare. Yet there’s plenty of suggestion still, especially in the ground strokes, and the incompleteness of the blooms. They’re dropping petals, which means they’re just about done.


It’s thrilling when the marks I make almost float on the sheet, become something and yet at the same time seem barely able to hang on to their recognizable shapes. Maybe fleeting is the word I’m looking for. This picture captures a moment. Don’t blink!



Logan Flowering 316


Wasn’t intending to post again today, but I just finished prepping this one, and wow, I really, really love this x-ray bloom!


Here’s a close up so you can see how lovely the quiet textures and details are:



Logan Flowering 316 detail



Logan Flowering 203


Within any big series of pictures, there are inevitably the equivalent of small series too. And before I say another word, did you know that series is both its singular and plural self? When we’re talking about a group of something, doesn’t it seem as if there should be another “s” on the end of that word?. I mean, don’t we say: series-es? Well, at least I do!


Okay, back on topic: I’ve written before of how often I do multiple versions of a picture, when I’m chasing after a particular idea.  The truth is, if I’m moving fast I don’t pay much attention to what’s piling up behind me. Only now, as I prep close to 200 new pictures for addition to my website, am I’m seeing these little sub-groups of pictures in order and context. More than once, I’ve realized that I could go back and explore notions further, maybe even move sideways with them, which would then, of course, become a the new forward.


So that you have a bit of context yourself, the picture in my last post was from the beginning of a mini-run of rainy scenes. There are 8 or 10 of ’em, and today’s picture is from just about the end of that batch. I’ll show you the ones in between as we go along, but I’m also going to shuffle things up a bit too, so who knows what I’ll post tomorrow!



Logan Flowering 208


I won’t post tomorrow, so here’s one of my favorite new blooms for you.


Does it look like it’s in the middle of a nasty storm? I hope so, and actually, the bloom did have to make it through a downpour! I started this picture by slinging water and ink from top to bottom, to get that streaky, splattery effect. After all, isn’t that what rain would really do? Then, while everything was still swimming wet, I had to mess, press, grind and paint the flower in the middle of it all.


I never have the time I need to do what I want to – working with ink rarely allows me that. This picture was a done in a frenzy of trying to keep up as things smeared or ran or dried unhelpfully. I remember standing back when I’d finished, almost panting, and kind of shocked that everything had turned out so well.


Here, check out this detail view – as quiet and ghost-like as my bloom is, it’s also quite graphically powerful. It holds its own.


Don’t forget, you can click the pix to see them even closer – so worth it!


Logan Flowering 208 detail



Logan Flowering 210


I like it! Did it in May – and yep, in my huge ol’ image prepping chore, I’m only up to May. Phew, still 5 months to go – which translates into about 140 more pictures. I’ll get there. My fondest hope is that at some point in the next month or so, I will catch up to the new pictures I keep adding to the top of the stack.


Have the finest Thursday –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 212


I’m not weeping! But this morning’s picture sure is, if you look at it as a weeping cherry tree, or willow, or some other lovely thing that sort of swoops and droops (and maybe blooms), while looking odd and elegant.


I keep telling you to click on my pictures so you can really see ’em. There’s so much texture and interest in there now, but as good as these blog photos are, they still don’t really let you see what I’m talking about. Here’s a detail that might help.


Logan Flowering 212 detail