Ink on paper – 2015. 10.5″ x 14″


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 Ink and surface alteration on paper – 2015. 10.5″ x 14″


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Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper – 2014. 8″ x 13″


Don’t you just wanna pick her up? At least make her larger – click READ FULL ARTICLE!




 Ink and surface alteration on paper – 2015. 10.5″ x 14″


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 Ink on paper – 2015. 8.5″ x 9.5″





Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper – 2015. 10.5″ x 14″


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Good Evening Everyone-


Did you know the winter doldrums are one of my favorite times of the year? Well okay, there are a lot of different times I like, but once all the holiday celebrations are over and folks begin thinking of vacations somewhere warm, I settle into my studio for a good long run with my ink pots. I’m going to try to get a particularly large amount of work done in the next few months, and if I do, there will be just as much to show you all.


Actually, let’s start right now with a game of peek-a-boo! Below is a quick point-n-shoot of just the top of my newest Mt. Haynes painting! I’m almost finished with it. I might be able to get a good image of the whole thing posted for you to see before the end of the week, but if I have to flatten the painting first, it won’t show up until early next week.


Haynes 13 teaser


Also, I’m going to start showing you A CAT EVERY DAY!


Yep. Don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up – and I might miss a day now and then. But at least until Spring comes, there’re gonna be A LOT of kitties showing up here. If you like ’em, keep watching!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: Here is Cat #215, done a few weeks before Christmas:




To see these larger (I bet you’d like to), click READ FULL ARTICLE in the gray bar just below.


the gang


Hey there –


Reidun and I took a couple of friends down to see my Paterson exhibition on Saturday.


I was pleased that a number of folks come in to look at the work while we were there, and I was introduced to Darrin Bowker, who made a 2 hour trip from Lumberton, NJ with his family to see the Great Falls and visit the museum. Darrin is 10 years old and is as wide awake and wide-eyed as you can get. Clearly, he has a brain that goes twice as fast as mine ever will. Wow! He has passion, and is fascinated by animation. But do you know what? This fine young fellow is going to discover he can do anything he puts his mind and creativity to. We had our picture taken together and I promised I’d put it on my blog- I don’t know why I seem to be doing my Mt. Rushmore impersonation in this:


bill and Darrin


I can’t believe the show’s almost over. It’s gone by so fast! Here my Sweetie and I are posing at the gallery entrance – in a week we’ll be taking the work back out the door.


my sweetie


Good night friends – I’ll write again and have new drawings to show you in the next day or two –


Your Buddy Bill



Hey ya –


I’m trying to finish my 13th and 14th Mt. Haynes paintings (part of my Yellowstone National Park suite). They may be the last of this peak, but then again, perhaps not.


This first picture shows what #14 looks like right now. There is some good work in it, but over all, this painting lacks real punch. There’s too much white and not enough environment/mood.




Here is another version, DONE IN PHOTOSHOP, in which I’ve digitally added a sky, more darks and water texture to see what they might look like. I’m thinking much better, but am uneasy with the idea of making the clouds that dark. I am going back into the painting to do this for real, but I’m also going to tease the darks up cautiously




And below is another DIGITAL ROUGH – this time of my Mt. Haynes #13. I swiped the trees from two woodblock prints by a really fine japanese artist who was named Joichi Hoshi. Of course I messed with them a bit before I dropped them in on top of my painting. Let me stress that this is just an indication of what I’m thinking of doing. I love the idea of the ghost-like, really twiggy texture in the trees contrasting with the bold moves in the mountain. Now I must figure out how to do my own version of this (I’ve already started).


Mt Haynes 13 rough


Things are getting really interesting here! Let’s see if I can have some wonderful show & tell for you by mid-next week!


Your Buddy Bill






Well, hello!


After an extended, lovely holiday break, the first day of my winter’s push is underway in my dusty old attic studio. It’s gonna take a few days to get really up to speed, but you can expect to see a lot in the coming months:


• New paintings of THE YELLOWSTONE AREA, both in and outside the park. I’m particularly fascinated by Earthquake Lake (see above and below).


• More NORWAY pictures.


• And of course, lots of CATS too! In fact, I’m flattening several dozen right now. I’ll begin scanning ’em by week’s end and then they’ll find their way here.


I plan to get a ton done before spring, and will be posting on this blog a lot. Keep checking in!


Your Buddy Bill




About Earthquake Lake


Called Quake Lake by locals, it was formed the year I was born, when an earthquake KNOCKED AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN DOWN IN SECONDS. The landslide was sudden and incomprehensible; the whole valley was filled and and the slide traveled halfway up the mountain on the other side. Some boulders were as big as houses. The Madison River was completely stopped. People were killed. Even today, 56 years later, the size of the the thing hardly fits in your brain when you see it.


A worse disaster was averted when the Army Corps of Engineers managed to frantically blast a canyon through the rubble to release the river again. Had it backed all the way upstream to Hebgen Reservoir and undercut the dam, the resulting collapse would have released a flood that would have terrified Noah.


Thankfully, that didn’t happen, but the landscape remains rough and jarringly scarred. It’s also HUGELY beguiling to a mark maker like me. That grit and texture, all of the weathered cliffs, boulders and drowned standing timber – it’s incredible scenery just made for me to make pictures of. 


In fact, I’ve already begun. In preparation for paintings soon to come, I’ve been messing with reference photos in Photoshop. Here are several versions of the same view, taken at the outlet of Quake Lake where the river enters the Army Corps’ canyon. For some reason, I’ve become entranced with GRAY and the possibilities of quiet, very involved, ghost like textures. It fits with the ever present eeriness of the place. I wonder how all of this will actually translate into ink?


Oh, and I left a trace of color in the first two, ’cause it makes me think about that a little. New notions are bubbling up. Inclinations may be shifting. This winter might get reeeeally interesting!






Here is the same scene with all color removed – it’s very dull looking. What’s odd is that doesn’t happen when I lean on grays in my actual paintings. I don’t understand how this all works.




Last of all is a full-frame view of the untouched photo. Fooling around with it in Photoshop feels very like sketching to me; I’m building a mental catalog of pictorial and graphic launching points. Pretty intriguing!




Hey ya –


Sorry it’s been quiet on this blog – it’s because a lot is happening in the studio. I’m trying to clear the decks before my sis arrives (less than a week), after which, the household goes into holiday overdrive. Am really looking forward to it.


I may not post much between now and New Year’s, but will have A LOT of new stuff to show you after that!


I hope you all have the very finest of holidays!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: Here is the Logan holiday card, as it was emailed out moments ago.


2015 CHRISTMAS email card



I’ve got the holiday spirit! And it’s not just because it’s also punkin pie season! Nope, it’s because for a little while, creativity runs amuck in the Logan household, and the first thing I get to do is make our annual Holiday Greetings picture. I’ve once again collaged several of my sweet Reidun’s kiddie drawings together in Photoshop, where I also hugely messed with and colorized ’em. It was HUGE fun!


What a lovely time of year, as plans are made, friends and family gather and reconnect, and we all remember why we love, are amused by (and sometimes put up with) each other!


I hope your holidays are as full of fun as ours will be. Enjoy those you cherish, send this tired old year out in style and lets see if we can all make 2016 a very good one!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to enlarge our whimsical picture, click READ FULL ARTICLE in the gray bar immediately below!


group shot


Hey Ya –


I’ve redone the imaging for 3 of my Paterson, NJ pictures in the DRAWING section and they look much better. You can really see what’s going on in ’em now – take a look!


A Cooke 2-6-0 Locomotive:


Passaic River Above the Bridge:


Passaic River – Water Study:






Hey there –


I’ve added 10 new hi-res images of my latest cats to the website (including the three you see here).


If you wish to go take a closer look, go to:


Your Buddy Bill




cat209 blog

Good Evening All –


I just came across this rescued drawing fragment – what I saved has really lovely moves, but the poor cat’s forelegs were just plain bad, so I clipped ’em off.




I did manage two more versions that were quite nice following the first attempt!






PS: It’s worthwhile to look at these cats larger – click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below.


Mt Haynes 12 blog

Mt. Haynes #12 – Frigid Winter

Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



I’ve finished my TWELFTH Mt. Haynes picture!


This was one of several that have been languishing, ready to be torn up for scrap. But then it occurred to me that with such chopped up studio time (I haven’t had enough of it to tackle anything new), I had perfect guinea pigs for an aggressive experiment; just how far I could actually take my grinding, scraping and sanding before my pictures were ruined or my paper simply gave out?


I still don’t know! This new picture has been horribly beat up, patched and reinforced, yet the process has left it looking rather well worn and lovely. And it’s perplexing – awkward and even naive in some areas, yet quite sophisticated too. It might take me awhile to truly figure out what happened here.


I still have two more mountains I might save. Maybe I’ll manage it by week’s end!


Your Buddy Bill



Here is how this picture was finished


It looked like this when I started back into it. Although there were some fine looking marks and textures happening, the overall effect was rather discombobulated. And what about that odd tree in the foreground? I’m not quite sure what was going on with that, but for some reason, I liked it.


Mt Haynes 12.1


In this next view, you can see how I just plain pummeled that mountainside, slashing in ink and then grinding and ripping into it before it dried! I also wet-scrubbed a vague sort of top for the tree – not a very kind thing to do to either paper or a brush! Last of all, I sanded and scrapped the sky in the upper right, so skinning the paper that it’s only tissue thin in spots.


Mt. Haynes 12.2


I had this insistent hunch that what my picture really needed was another big ol’ tree in the foreground, right in the middle – which is the worst place to put anything that might become a disaster! I also felt that success lay in new texture, and that my second tree should also have some sort of gray area/aura/brush swipe around it too. There are a lot of times when picture making doesn’t make much sense!


As I so often do when I must ad lib and I don’t know how, I photographed my drawing, took it into Photoshop and started messing around. If you look below, you’ll see I threw in more marks, like that big, polka dotted, horizontal band just behind the trees and – – – hey, wait a minute, where the heck did that other tree come from? Well, being a clever little art thief, I simply lifted it from a beautiful Japanese woodblock print by a guy named Joichi Hoshi. There’s nothing wrong with seeing how something like that might look, okay?


I really admired Hoshi’s tree, but I couldn’t actually use it could I? I was on my own and facing problems: it’s damned hard to put a ghostly, white tree in an area that is already in ink, especially if the paper there is also on the brink of failing. There was no way this was going to turn out ideally.


Mt Haynes 12 digital rough


But then of course, the notion of what’s ideal can change unexpectedly. My paper did fail, and peel, and pill up. It did everything I didn’t want it to. I tried to collage a patch in, but that went down less than ideally. My poor old tree scrubbed in so crudely that I was appalled. Next came the staring at it part, where I tried to figure out whether there was any way to salvage the mess. Do you know what? The more I looked at it, the more I began to like the crude. I liked it a whole lot better than that delicate looking stolen tree, and though I had intended to take my tree much further, in the end I decided not to.


Mt Haynes 12.3


What I did do though, was drag in more ink, scrub and scrape a lot of it back out, and then prod and pick at my picture until I at last came to a standstill. This I chose to believe meant I was done. Here is the finished picture again:


Mt Haynes 12 blog




TRUE card bloc


Hey ya –

In a world full of trouble, problems and concern, it strikes me that if I pay attention, I hear just as much about the generosity and magnificence of the human spirit.

We have much to be thankful for, and even more to hope for.

My hope is that you have a fine, safe Thanksgiving.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: this image was made from Reidun’s childhood drawings – collaged, colorized and messed with in Photoshop by moi. I’ll probably fool with it a bit more.


Winter Cover 2


Hey ya –


I have a both column and an article in the new Winter issue of Fly Tyer Magazine!


The column tells the tale of fly tying frustration, deceit and redemption – set amidst poetic moments and snoring lions just beyond the lamplight. Well, okay, maybe they’re not lions, but I’m not exaggerating by much! My article is on the absolute necessity of always having generic gray fishing flies. I know, gripping stuff, right? Well, to fly fishers it kind of is, if it means catching a few more trout.


Fly Tyer Magazine is the best fly fishing related publication going. It’s good looking, always informative and strictly no nonsense. The Editor, Dave Klausmeyer, is a really great guy and a complete joy to work for. I’ve written, photographed (and even occasionally illustrated) many articles for him, and am really thrilled that I’ve now begun writing a few columns as well.


If you want to learn more about Fly Tyer, you can visit their website:


Okay, enough about bug making – it’s time to pick up a brush and make marks –


Your Buddy Bill








Hey All – 


I’ve taken a few days off to recover (and just plain loaf), but this morning I’m back in gear.


WOW – so many old and new friends came to Bob’s and my opening! THANK YOU, for taking the time, sharing your kind compliments and welcome observations. The afternoon was wonderful.


As for me, three hours went by in a blur. I tried to talk to everyone, but I didn’t get to spend nearly the time I would have liked to with everyone I’m grateful for. I have a rich life – and it’s all due to the generosity and care of those I cherish.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: I would especially like to thank Wendy Setzer for being a shutterbug – almost all of these photos are hers!




Here is my Sweetie – every single thing I do or am has Reidun in it!




This is Bob, who is ALWAYS dapper and charming – I wish I had his social ease.




Both Bob’s wife, Alice, and Lauren (her granddaughter) are so cool –  and radiate pure warmth.




On the other hand, I’m generally kinda goofy – but I’m me and that’s that.




Here are a few more shots – I really appreciate the photos friends keep sending.