Logan Texture 1


I get so wrapped up in what I can do with no more than India ink and paper (okay, and a little glue) that I rarely take time to gaze fondly at the syncopation of my surfaces. When I do look, it’s always, “How did I do that?”


Weird how once I’m done with a picture, I have so little memory of working on it. It’s as if my brain immediately dumps that info to clear space for what’s next! Is this also because I move so fast?


Logan Texture 2



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 39 blog


It has been great fun to do my own series of portraits of the fine Norwegian artist, Nikolai Astrup’s famous mountain. I feel like I’ve really, REALLY covered every possible version of the view, but must admit I’m ready to be done. Another tough 2 weeks to go? I’m closing in – – –




Logan Nikolai's Mountain 36 blog



Logan Crocus


I’ve completely lost track of whether I’ve shown you these already, but the beauty of Spring is that it keeps coming back – so, here you go! Happy day!


Logan Leaning blooms







I can’t believe it’s been a year since I did any flower pictures – and you’ve hardly seen any of ’em! I’ll start posting some. They’re pretty cool – and often a little whacky.


After all the grim ol’ ants I’ve been doing, a little whacky might be good. Annnnnnd if I do a few, will it seem as if Spring might come a bit earlier? Worth a shot at least!







Logan Moutain 1-30-19




This quick snapshot just hints at the wonderful complexity of textures and mood in this. I’m very pleased with how it turned out! Am flattening it right now, then scanning and soon you’ll see a hi-res image and details that tell the tale better.



Logan Northsea Headland


Here was yesterday’s surprise: two failing mountain scenes were going nowhere, so I ripped/tore and laid the dark one on top of the lighter one. The photo above is what that looked like. Hmmm, okay, maybe now it was at least worth messing with a bit more.




Now I gotta figure out how to finish it this way. I better get going on that!


Logan Northsea Upside down



Logan Ant 4 12-26-18


I keep trying to quite with these ants already, but they just won’t let me! Geez, they keep tumbling out and I dunno, maybe I have to make pictures of the whole ant hill before I’m done?


Gonna just go with it.


Logan Ant 3 12-26-18


This next one is a bit more odd – that makes me happy!


Logan Ant 4 1-4-19



Logan Landscape in Progress 2


So many to finish! Not even sure what to do with the tumbling creek up above – needs a bit more, buuuuut not much!


And then there are these landscapes in various stages of unrest! One thing is certain – I will NEVER have nothing to do!


Logan Landscape in Progress 1


Logan Landscape in Progress 3


Logan Landscape in Progress 10


Logan Landscape in Progress 9



Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 9.15.06 AM


Been neglecting posting and that’s bad!! My excuse is that I’m a bit preoccupied – lots happening in the studio. Am STILL working on ants, but am also back on landscapes too. Here are a few I’ve picked up again – trying to finish ’em.


MUCH MORE show-n-tell coming!


Logan Landscape in Progress 5


Logan Landscape in Progress 6


Logan Landscape in Progress 7


Logan Landscape in Progress 8


instagram notice


I’m aching to move on – never intended to mess with these little bums for so long.



Logan Ant 3 1-19-19


Thought I was kinda struggling in the studio this month, but I guess I’m wrong – when I sorted out the stack, I had 26 more Ants Misbehavin’ to snapshot of this morning!!! And all of ’em done this month – it’s only the 11th!!!


Am in shock.


Logan Ant 2 1-11-19


Logan Ant 1-11-19



Logan Ant 1-8-19


At some point – possibly today – I’ll finish my 150th ant! Geez. I’ve done sooooooo many of ’em that these two (from about 5 weeks ago) feel ancient! 


I’m very fond of the one below – which is more of a symbol that captures the essence of ant, even to missing some legs. It’s a tough living!


Logan Ant 2 1-8-19



Logan Ant 1-7-18


I slammed water and ink down on a clean sheet of paper, transfer-rubbed it onto another and !!!!!! – instant, complete, wonderful picture! I was shocked.


And below, is a very curious one – also powerfully graphic but with some lovely, quiet little things happening too. My studio snapshot does it no justice. I had better get going on a new round of scanning!


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19



Logan Ant 2 1-6-19


Wow, I really like the one above, buuuuuut I also don’t like it, if you know what I mean. Think that means I’ve nailed it!


Below is a much sillier ant – perhaps playing peek-a-boo? Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ve included him as a sort of antidote for the yucks you might have gotten from the top one!


Logan Ant 1-6-19



Logan Ant 1-3-19


So, my sis says I’m not in love with ants so much as the marks I’m making them with. Smart girl! And it looks like I still have more to paint yet, because they’re getting weirder and I like that too!


Logan Ant 2 1-4-19


Logan Ant 1-4-19







As we begin planning another trip to Norway this August, I’m thinking of the fjord where my Sweetie was born. This is a picture I did of it two visits ago – painted on the dining room table in the little cottage where I stayed.


Do you see that little white vertical line at lower left? It’s the glint of the waterfall on the far side of the fjord! Here’s a closer look:





Logan Reidun Card 2016


These are our email seasons greetings cards from 2016 & 2015. I like them – and thought you might like seeing them again!


Logan Reidun Holiday Card 2016



Logan Ant 2 12-23-18


Just simple mark making – but with a brush even more lively than usual! Keeping that going clear through a picture is pretty darned tough, because you have to exercise some control, yet let things also go a little wild. Strange paradox.


Logan Ant 12-23-18



Logan Ant 2 12-22-18


Apparently it’s pretty easy for killer ants to end up looking like T-Rex’s kids!


Logan Ant 3 12-22-18


Logan Ant 1 12-22-18



Logan Holiday Card 2017


This was our holiday card from last year – cool, right? The image was digitally collaged from a few of my Sweetie’s childhood drawings, which I then color altered and messed with quite a bit.


Below is a picture I made of a little wren. It was a Christmas present for Reidun some years ago. It’s time to figure out what I’m going to paint for her this year!


Logan Reiduns Wren