Logan Flowering 231


This bloom was done almost entirely via transfer printing. To do this with India ink, you gotta move fast! 


First of all, I really wetted my paper. Then I did the same to a second sheet, before rapidly painting on it. Next, I quickly placed the dripping wet, inked sheet face down on the first one, rubbed it’s back here and there, twisted and shifted it around, and finally peeled it off fast!


Repeat as needed to either build a picture or, more probably, create a disaster!


This frantic method does ALL KINDS  of weird things to my brush strokes – they transfer to the bottom sheet imperfectly, bleed and run. The suction of pulling the sheets apart almost explosively drags ink around too! Breathtakingly exciting. But also almost unmanageable. Or maybe not – working on it!





Logan Flowering 229


I said last week that I might not be in touch much – due to computer updating. Well, it took us half the week just back up my files (I’ve been really bad about that).


So, this week is now going to be what last week wasn’t. Thus, you get an extra picture today, in case we miss out tomorrow!


I’ve done many, many flower pictures, and often there are several versions in each case. For instance, the tree below was done in the same run as the one I showed you three posts ago, and though I don’t remember painting so many, there are actually quite a few. Partly, this is because when I’m chasing after a pictorial or graphic notion, I keep refining or changing moves until I’m satisfied – or played out! And increasingly, what I thought I wanted to have happen isn’t even close to as wonderful as the variations I end up with.


Remember too, the purpose behind all of this is to eventually bind groups of pictures into albums, probably a dozen to each. I want lots of choices, and boy do I have ’em!




Logan Flowering 231



Logan Flowering 237


Just an uncomplicated little picture for a lovely, sunny morning. Hope you have a fine weekend!



Logan Flowering 279


Guess what? I have a whole day to my own on my computer – we’re going to finish updating it next week. So, here is your Friday morning bloom after all.


It’s rather strange, and very stylized, with wonderful calligraphy in it. Quite often (and yes I’m aware of the following pun), my flowers start with one major mark and grow from there. Each move informs the next. I bet you can figure out which brush stroke went down first!



Logan Flowering 232




I’ve managed to sneak onto my computer for a few moments this morning, before my tech guru gets back to further updating. And so, here’s a massive old tree that has graced still another Spring with a few leaves. Or are they buds for blooms? Maybe they’re the last apples in Autumn? I dunno, but I like this picture. Such a nice combination of extremes: bold strokes slammed down next to spindly ones or smeared ones. There are surprising moves in surprising places. All told, some really good mark making here!



Logan Flowering 242


At some point in the next day or two, I’m going to start updating my operating system and software. I betcha my show-n-tell is interrupted, or at least a bit sporadic for the next week or so. That means you get a bonus bunch of Wednesday flowers, just in case!


One of the best things about this picture is that the white of the background becomes both the space around my blooms and the ground they’re growing out of. It’s more of an equal partner to my mark making. I need to consider this, and maybe pull back within my picture space more often, instead of packing the space as I usually do.



Logan Flowering 245


I managed to get a bucket load of layered texture in there, and the fact that you can pretty much see through it all gives this picture a particularly pleasing sense of depth. Everything just fell right: the odd exaggeration, the weight and character of every mark, and even the unintentional spots and smudges! Huh, I wonder why it so obviously goes that way sometimes?


I’d like to get to the point where it happens more often than not. I guess that just means lots and lots and lots more time spent doing this!



Logan Flowering 252


I’m about a third of the way through setting up high-rez images of my new flower pictures for this website. Such a big project, done around the edges of painting time. The best part is that I’ve forgotten having done so many of these, so it’s as if I’m seeing them just like you are, for the very first time. Truly enjoying it.


I am very fond of this one – click it to see it better!



Logan Flowering 292


Good Morning All –


This strange, make believe bloom was, of course, painted – but it’s also partly collaged, which for some reason a lot of people think is a bad thing, like cheating.


There are a lot of juried art exhibitions that wouldn’t allow this in because if it. One show I would love to have work in, the American Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition, is a good example, but then they also wouldn’t let me in because I use ink. Isn’t that silly? India Ink is basically nothing more than a higher grade form of watercolor. They will allow every other water based media. You can used acrylic paint, so plastic is okay. Hmmph. I don’t get it. It bugs me right now, especially, because the entry deadline is coming up and I can’t enter.


Oh well, I love what I’m doing. And I always, ALWAYS know how lucky I am whenever I get to make pictures – as I will be in moments


Have a satisfying and productive day –


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 140


I did this last December, which doesn’t really seem possible. In the stretch of days that have passed since, it feels long ago, but in art making sense, it’s as if I just did it.


Really more of a sketch, but with peacefulness. It reminds me of the first buds and blooms of spring, something to look forward to, but far off. It’s dreary out this morning and chilly in my attic, where I’ll hibernate and picture make during the cold months to come. I’ll turn the heat on. Maybe have hot chocolate later?


Bundle up!





Good Morning All –


I had a brilliant two days off, and it seems like I saw every masterpiece of printmaking you can imagine! Not only is the huge, annual IFPDA Print Fair taking place in NYC right now, but there are two other satellite fairs as well! Oh my, you would need A LOT more than two days to see and absorb it all, but I MUST GET BACK TO WORK – am aching to in fact, and I’m going to do it in moments.


Since I’m bending to my task, I figured my choice for our Saturday flower picture should bend too!


I hope that your weekend plans include some enjoyment!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Fjord 2


Here is one of the best night scenes I’ve done, and it happened quickly. I don’t think I spent even two days on it. Wow, that hardly ever happens when a picture becomes this involved. The interplay and richness of the textures is just stunning, and of course, I love the dark drama.


Next week I’ll begin working on new pictures of Norway. I think they’ll be much faster and more fluid than this one, although you never know. Once I get going, I go where I’m led.


Here are a couple of close ups so you can really climb into the grit and grain. CLICK ON ALL OF THESE to make ’em bigger – it’s so worth it!


LOGAN_FJORD2_detail blog





Logan Flowering 95


Good Morning Friends –


When I’m really chasing after a set of moves or marks, they can take me where they’re headed rather than where I thought I was going. Pictures become themselves then, and I like this one, although even a year later, I’m still uncertain whether it’s a bloom. It’s okay if it’s not, and I’m left wondering if what I think should matter more or less than it seems to.


I probably won’t post again until the weekend – the annual IFPDA Print Fair opens in New York City tonight with a big, fancy preview (which I’m not about to spend the money to attend). But I’ll be going in tomorrow and Friday – can’t wait!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 291


really like this picture. The strokes went down with such punch, and so much artifact – you know, stray marks and ragged side passages that happened all on their own, actually don’t make sense, and yet somehow fit perfectly. They add just the right atmosphere. I also learned that big gray swipes can be ethereal.


I wish all of this was in my work all the time, but as you’ve probably realized, it’s still something of a crap shoot. The only thing I can do is keep stubbornly at it so when the marks do land right, I can make the most of it!



Logan Flowering 303


Hey Ya –


Some parts of this flower (is it perhaps a Black Eyed Susan?) aren’t as inspired or fortunately spontaneous as I’d hoped for. I do like the unexpected textures that happened in the petals though. I’ve already taken that notion further – and this picture is only 8 days old! Soon enough, you’ll see what I mean.


Make this Monday count – AND click this picture to get a good look at the textures too!


Your Buddy Bill



Logan Flowering 47


This picture was one of the first I did on two sheets. It seems an age ago, yet little more than a year has passed since. Now I have more than 250 of ’em, and I’m still going strong. Kinda shocked by all of this!


It’s particularly interesting to compare this painting to the two in my previous post, which are about 230 blooms further down the line. They all speak to each other in an odd way, though I’m also wondering – am I moving forwards or merely sideways? Will have to keep going for awhile before I can tell!


Happy Sunday!



Logan Flowering 283


Good Morning Y’all –


I’m entranced by bold mark making that has a great element of chance in it, so I’ve been exploring ways to make it happen. Maybe I’m a bit of a closet Abstract Expressionist?


One of the things I’ve been messing with is making quick, juicy, strokes on one sheet, then immediately slapping it face down on another sheet and rubbing to transfer the ink. It’s a wildly imperfect method – never quite know what I’ll get. Sometimes it’s a blotchy mess – and sometimes it’s blotchy/grainy cool!


Truth is, I’m not sure what to think of these pictures, but they might be sort of wonderful if we give ’em a moment.


I’ll keep exploring!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: I think you really should click on these!


Logan Flowering 288




Good Morning All –


I didn’t want to let another hectic day go by without giving you some morning blooms!


I particularly like the way the gray, wet-looking areas seem to contrast against all of the dark, grainy and ragged bold brush strokes. Although so much is going on in this picture, it still comes off as rather simple. I may have to try some new variations based on this one!


Happy Friday – do you have good weekend plans?


Your Buddy Bill


PS: it’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –


Logan Flowering 260


Flowering #260

India ink on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 22″




Tomorrow is stacking up to be an incredibly busy day, so I doubt I’ll get around to posting a morning flower. But here’s one I just finished prepping to put up on my website soon. It came out of my head, so I’m not sure, but is it perhaps a water lily? It’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –


Logan Flowering 287

Flowering #287

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 22″




Good Morning All –


Here is a quiet bloom just for you, on a Thursday that feels like Spring is far away. Unlike so many of my pictures, this has a delicacy that I should try to bring into my work more often. Yet another goal, and the sun’s not even up yet on this day that will be taken over by art support chores.


I ache for ink slinging, but that comes soon –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: it’s well worth clicking to see larger – – –



Logan Flowering 302

Flowering #302

India ink on two sheets, simulated mounting, 14″ x 21″