Logan Flowering 3 12-18-18


The wind is whistling outside and it seems like Spring is truly a long ways off. So, I’m revisiting some of my flower pictures this morning! The first one is a favorite.


Logan Flowering 2 12-18-18


Logan Flowering 12-18-18


Logan Flowering 4 12-18-18







Been looking at some of my landscape paintings from the last round, prepping my brain and sensibilities for my next push, which will begin right after the new year. Am seeing things I want to work on or try for. Don’t usually think this much before leaping. I think it’s a good thing this time!


Below is another unfinished version of the view above, which is of Viking burial mounds in the Norwegian valley where my Sweetie was born. Now some of my advisory board are telling me not to touch it. Hmmmmm — – well maybe they’re right and it should just be what it is?




And here are more Norwegian views – – – that land has such incredible drama in it!




Logan Norway Peak and Lake 1


Logan Norway Peak and Lake 2



Logan Ant 12-13-18


I’ve done almost 100 ant pictures – will probably keep at it for a few more still! And then there are a whole lot of butterfly wings that I should put bodies on, and another stack of unfinished Norwegian landscapes too. I have plenty underway to usher me into the new year!


Logan Ant 2 12-13-18


Logan Ant 3 12-13-18



Logan High Up 1


I must get back to landscape painting soon! Starting to really miss it.


The picture above is the same view as that on our digital greeting card (but before snow started falling). Although the card’s image appears continuous, it was really done on two sheets, just like this one. Both may eventually be bound into a picture album – hence the brown backing sheet, which is visible here, at the edges and centerfold.



This year, it’s my work on our digital card – a view high in the mountains of western Norway. A quiet snow storm, and every reason to tuck in and stay snug! I hope ya’ll do just that.


2018 Christmas Card



Logan Ant 2 12-1-18


Been on a HUGE roll lately! Have finished almost 100 pictures (mostly ants) since the beginning of November. Is it any wonder I sometimes feel as tired as the little fellow above?!?

If you’ll forgive my just so-so studio snapshots, here are a few more – good scans will come along eventually:


Logan Ant 12-6-18


Logan Ant 12-1-18


Logan Ant 412-5-18


Logan Ant 2 12-3-18


Logan Ant 2 12-6-18



Logan Ant 2 12-7-18


These two are from my Wednesday session – which was a pretty nutso round! The one above led to the one below – and get this: I’m just using India ink right from the bottle. But between all the washing, pressing and messing, I’m getting incredible tone, temperature and texture shifts! I’m not exactly sure how some of it even happened, but I wanna get back there today. Let’s see if I can!




Logan Ant 1 12-7-18



Logan Ant 2 12-5-18


I had a particularly fine ink slinging day yesterday! These are two from that round. Nice, right?


Logan Ant 3 12-5-12







I did the picture above a few weeks ago and got stuck – in my eyes, they were ant legs without their body or head – which I didn’t know how to put in. Was going to try to anyway, but EVERYONE on my advisory board said LEAVE IT ALONE – IT’S DONE!! Wow, really?


Okay, I won’t touch it, but that’s soooooo hard for me to do, so yesterday I did the picture below, which is a sort of stripped down version. Now I have it both ways and am content!


Logan Ant 1 12-5-18



Logan Ant 5 11-29 -18


Seems weird to slam down a lot of ink, only to wash most of it off again, but that’s what I’m doing! Only a little predictability in it.


The first picture (above) scares me! You too?


Logan Ant 6 11-29 -18


Logan Ant 4 11-29 -18



Logan Ant 1 11-29 -18


It sort of feels like I’m painting every ant! Didn’t expect to be stuck on these peewees so long, but I’m just going with it. I’ll tell you what too – I’m constantly amazed at what can be done with just a ragged brush and black ink.


These are only quick studio snapshots. I’m about to start another big round of scanning. Hopefully soon(ish), I’ll be able to upload 150 – 200 new hi-res images of the year’s work to this website!


Logan Ant 1 11-29 -18


Logan Ant 3 11-29 -18



Logan Ant 4 11-28-18


If you make enough pictures of ants, their heads start looking like little skulls! Makes sense really – they have exoskeletons, so their skulls really are on the outside, and the basic mechanics are pretty similar too, except for side mounted mandibles.


Oh, and it’s pretty fun to make ’em look scary. THEY ARE – or would be if they weren’t so peewee.


Logan Ant 2 11-28-18


Logan Ant 5 11-28-18


Logan Ant 3 11-28-18


Logan Ant 1 11-28-18



Logan Ant 6 11-27-18


You KNOW how much I like messing with a picture, but do do it, I often must start with a much more straight forward version, just to sort out basic moves.


I didn’t use to like these beginner images that much, but now I’m beginning to realize just how hard I can lean on no nonsense mark making too. There is power in these, without too much viewer challenge.


Don’t worry – more odd ants are on deck, so you’ll see them soon too!


Logan Ant 2 11-27-18


Logan Ant 3 11-27-18


When my brush sort of wanders off on it’s on, as happened in the next two pictures, I’m left trying to catch up and thinking, ” It’s so weird that it’s going like this!” Good moments – want more of ’em!


Logan Ant 4 11-27-18


Logan Ant 5 11-27-18





Between now and next Spring, I’m gonna switch back and forth between more bugs, Norway and perhaps some Montana views. It should keep me busy!


Been looking at earlier work. Well, not that much earlier – these two are just a few years old. Below is the last picture in a series I did of Mt. Haynes (Yellowstone National Park). Those big trees are as I remember them before the huge 1988 fire. Their trunks still lie on the ground, and I leaned against one as I began the picture above, which was the first one.


I’m not sure I’ll paint that mountain again, but I still visit it every time I get back into that country!







Logan Ant 4 11-21-18


So simple – yet it’s not! I wish I understood this stuff better. Would like to know how or why something turns out especially nice.



Logan Ant 6 11-21-18 copy


Quick studio shots this morning of my latest round of ants! They’re going strange places. Wonder how many I’ll end up painting?


Logan Ant 2 11-21-18


Logan Ant 1 11-21-18


Not so sure about the next one, but there’s something going on in it, so I’ll keep it around until I figure it out – – –


Logan Ant 5 11-21-18


And this one looks SO MUCH BETTER upside down! Hey, I’ll take it – I’m a picture maker, not a purist!


Logan Ant 3 11-21-18



Logan Ant 5 11-15-18


Have had no time to post – and very little for painting either. Just an hour or two, here and there. No time to waste – or even wonder what to paint! So, more ants, slammed down and they work or fail fast!


Logan Ant 6 11-15-18


Logan Ant 7 11-15-18


Logan Ant 2 11-15-18


Logan Ant 3 11-15-18


Logan Ant 4 11-15-18


Logan Ant 1 11-15-18


Logan Ant 11-14-18



Logan Ant 4 11-4-18


Worked hard and too long yesterday, so I ate too late. Didn’t want to go to bed on a tummy that was still working, so I did a little more ink slinging instead.


Late night rounds – especially when I’m really tired – can be pretty interesting. If I’m too pooped to care much about how things go, the unexpected happens. That can be good – – – or perplexing.


The first image (above) fell off my brush so fast it left me stunned. Wow – THAT was fun! The 2nd one (just below) is also pretty wonderful, though I feel it might need just a bit more? Maybe antennae or an eye? Was too pooped to risk more last night, and this morning I’m still wondering if I should just leave things be.


The last picture is weird. Started out incredibly well, but then the front end went astray. Too much so? Is it a keeper, or close but no go? Input welcomed.


Logan Ant 6 11-4-18


Logan Ant 5 11-4-18



Logan Ant 3 11-4-18


Here are quick studio snapshots of a large ant(?) and two smaller studies. All were done in furious outbursts, punctuated by periods of perplexed assessment. Kinda fun, aren’t they? And kinda weird too.


Where are these coming from? They’re a lot like fossils, but also look a bit spray painty – like street art. Thats a complete surprise – about as far away from my work and sensibility as I would have thought you could get. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m certainly headed – – – on?


Logan Ant 1 11-4-18


Logan Ant 2 11-4-18



Logan Thunderhead and Rain Skirt


Done this past summer in Montana. The view has such distance out there – you can see whole storm systems trailing their rain skirts across the plains. AND in the picture below, the accidental ink drip became the PERFECT black lightening bolt!


Logan Storm Cloud Study 1