A Compliment and Decadence • February 2, 2016




Good Morning All –


I know, there’ve been a lot of cats and not much else appearing in this blog lately. It’s because I’ve run into picture making challenges and have been struggling for traction. I’m beginning to gain a little now though, so hopefully you’ll start seeing a parade of new work here soon!!


Meanwhile, I just received a lovely photo (above) of one of my Paterson Pictures, from my recent Paterson Museum exhibition. It now hangs in a New York City foot surgeon’s office AND I AM THRILLED! When I delivered the picture, it was to discover the new owner has one hell of an art collection, which makes his purchase of my work an even more incredible compliment. Sometimes life is really good –  this is one of those moments.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: It was soooo nice on Sunday (in the low 50’s) that Reidun and I were out in our hammock! We had a sleeping bag under us, another over us, the winter sun actually had a little heat in it and we were cozy as could be! We’ve now managed to hang out in every month but February – maybe we’ll  bag it too. Was kinda weird to have summer hammock drinks and snacks with us while snow was on the ground!