No Sneak Peak Peek Today! • March 8, 2016

Hey ya –


This morning it quickly became apparent that the connection between my brain, hand and best intentions had skipped out. Even drawing with my eyes closed – which usually loosens me up because it’s as much play as real art making –  failed miserably. I wasn’t going anywhere near my big, ol’ Mt. Haynes picture today!


Blips like this happen regularly, and in another blink or two I have my moves back. The next update on my mountain picture’s progress will surely be posted within a couple of days. Meanwhile (and so your visit wasn’t wasted), here’s a quick ganged photo of several eyes closed kitties done in the last week. Once they’re flattened, I’ll capture good images of ’em. I’m drowning in cats right now = have at least 60 new ones I must add to the DRAWINGS section!


more kitties


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