Norwegian fishing • September 11, 2015

Good Morning All –


I didn’t add more Norway drawings to this blog yesterday, as I meant to. My day got away from me, and I’ve been sneaking time in on some related drawings. Hopefully later today or tomorrow, you’ll find some of them in a new post.


To hold you over, here are fishing photos from my trip, taken on the dock in front of the boathouse owned by my nephew and his sweet family. Thorleif’s 4 year old son, Ulrik, is one cool tyke – he likes to fish! There is a little crab living under a big rock beside the dock. Ulrik has this little platform/net type deal you can put a bit of bait on and lower down (it’s right beside him in the first photo). Sometimes the crab will climb aboard for a snack. Then you have to ever so slyly lift him out before he realizes it. Apparently, he is none the wiser for having been caught and released several times.




Eventually, everyone else went into the boathouse to set up for our own meal, but your buddy, well, it’s very, very tough to get a fisherman to stop fishing!




Of course, our own crab dinner was kept off the end of the dock in this trap!




Until next time –


Your Buddy Bill