Nose Dive •  • January 28, 2017


Here’s the post I promised for Sunday, a day early. I’m going to be holed up in my studio tomorrow – bet I won’t stop slinging ink for nuthin’!


This is just a little dragonfly, taking a plunge. Don’t know why he’s doing it, other than it was fun to fit him in the space that way!


I’m constantly aware of – and working on getting better at – change-ups in textures, but even more so at juggling bold marks and their character. There is no logical reason that the wing at bottom left should go all gray and watery, or that it’s mate should be indicated just in thin outline. But it works, is interesting and keeps the bug’s front end quiet. In turn, that sets up/balances the big, black marks that become the rear wings and body. The intensity in the middle of the picture attracts and focuses your attention, before you starting looking around.


I’m not a big thinker, so I don’t ponder or plan any of this beforehand. There is no under-drawing. I pretty much run on intuition, and hope good things might happen. I decide to make a certain kind of mark, do it somewhere that makes sense, and build the picture from there, in response to what’s happening. Often, I go through quite a few attempts before I feel I’ve worked out the moment or notion. Wish I could just nail it and keep moving, but I’m not that guy either!



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #5

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″