Oh alright, I’ll do ’em • October 10, 2015

with ducks


I did quick bit of Photoshopping this morning, lifting ducks from my reference photos and dropping them into a photo of my Passaic River drawing to get a rough idea of how they might look. Can you see them? Here let’s scoot in closer:


ducks closeup


Don’t ask me why I put the little guys in – I truly don’t know. I don’t like cute very much, am utterly against baby-talking to animals and don’t ever want one of my pictures to turn too Disney. Mostly, I just wanted to be done with this one. I wanted to walk away. But my advisory board has turned against me.


The vote was unanimous; my Sweetie – and even our art buddy, Bob – say yes. My sis refused any appeal. She said, “They’re baby ducks – who would ever, ever vote against baby ducks? No one. So you can’t.”


I guess I better do ’em then. But not today. And I might not tomorrow either. I’m going to ignore duckies and draw something else for a day or two; maybe cats because cats aren’t cute, never!


It’ll all get done, and by mid next week, I’ll have begun framing –


Your Buddy Bill