Oh, the going is sloooow. . . ! • June 27, 2015



Hey ya –


I’m still, still, still doing windows! I know, I can’t believe it either.


I have to confess that after I finished the one above, I quit for a few days. I had other chores to do and thus good excuses, but the truth is that I’m just plain tired of this picture. It’s strong – very strong – and once I’ve moved on to the next one and am looking back, I know I’ll be pleased and proud of what I’ve accomplished. But that doesn’t help much right now, when I still have three more windows to do and they’re the toughest of all. Before I tell you why, take a look at the next two photos:




Do you see how the middle windows have wire cages over them? Visually speaking, these do marvelous, perplexing things. For starters, the dirty, rusting wire blurs and softens the windows. It’s as if they’re under murky water, and yet there is also a grainy/mesh texture, which though quiet is still distinct, especailly in real life. You can’t see it in these photos because images in blog format are too low rez, but I want that texture in my drawing. Oh, and don’t forget, the windows I do must be darkened and somehow go all contrasty too, even though they’re blurred, because my picture is a night scene.


Here’s my plan:




First, in this photo taken yesterday, you can see that I once again used strips of tape to mask out all of the mullions between the glass panes. There is also tape blocking out the metal framing for the wire cages.


Today was spent painting glass (in the first photo of this post you can get a peek at how that’s coming along). As soon as the panes are done, I’ll pull up the tape for the mullions and paint them.


Then comes the sneaky part! I’m actually going to create the mesh pattern over the windows by inking and printing real mesh. It wasn’t easy to find some that was the right size – everything you or I would first think of turned out to be far too coarse. Finally though, I figured it out – and the secret has to do with wrapping presents!




This photo is of a piece of scrap of paper with random ink marks, and right over top of them are my mesh samples, made by inking and hand rubbing/printing fancy metallic ribbon! It turns out my sweet bride, who is ever frugal, saves ribbon! She has a whole bag full of the stuff and in it was exactly what I needed.


Sooooo, I paint three windows, print mesh, paint the cage frames annnnnnnd. . . I’M DONE!!!!!!!



Give me a few days and I’ll report back in –


Your Buddy Bill



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