One finished, another coming along • June 17, 2016


Good Morning –


I’m swimming in fjord pictures right now, with a few under way. Here is a quick photo of one that I’m pretty excited by – and also confused by. Straight out of the gate, it became very abstract/graphic. So much so that it surprised me. I don’t know how to keep what I like about that, while at the same time teasing it along as a representational view of the scene. One thing I’m pretty certain of though, is that any moves I make will have to be bold – a vexing challenge considering how unsure I am right now!


I don’t know why, but I keep thinking this wants to become a winter snowing scene. Like I don’t have enough on my hands with this one right now!




And here is one that is now done. The sheet is really wrinkled, so I don’t know if I can manage a good image capture before it’s flattened. I’ll try in the next couple of days. If successful, I’ll add hi-res images to this website so you can see the subtlety in the textures, which are missing in this photo. Also, the real thing isn’t quite so contrasty.