Our first sense of how my exhibition will look • June 16, 2015


Screen shot 2015-06-16 at 10.38.23 AM


Good Morning –


Here is a screenshot of my desktop with ALL of my Paterson pictures as thumnbnails.


One of the river pix (2nd from the right – middle row) isn’t done yet. I also did a sneaky bit, making a digital rough of my latest power plant picture (lower right): I pasted in hugely darkened, photoshoped windows snaked out of a photograph of the building, just to see how such a thing might look. The windows I actually paint will have to be at least this potent for my power plant to really pack its punch.


This is the first time I’ve seen all of these together at once, and the first hint of what my contribution to Bob’s and my exhibition will look like. Overall, pretty nice, but also waaaaay darker than I realized! I wonder if I should try to do a couple of light, sketchy pictures just to change the mix a bit?


Your Buddy Bill



PS: I thought you might like to see a larger view of my digital rough with the pasted in windows. Remember, these aren’t the real deal! I still have to actually do ’em.


collaged rough


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