Play time is almost here! • December 10, 2017


Apologies for my absence of a few days! ‘Tis the season before the season, which means I’ve begun my once yearly, massive workspace clean up and re-organization. It’s always a bigger task than I expect, and must be done before my sis gets here (soon so soon), because not only do the holidays arrive with her, but there is bound to be some big and wildly creative project packed in her suitcase! She NEEDS room, and plenty of it. No problem, if I just clean up my big mess.


Hey, check this out: Kay is a wonderful woodblock carver and printer. Below is last year’s block, with carving almost complete. It’s huge, like 18 x 24″ huge, and that’s just about the max for printing completely via hand rubbing – IN MULTIPLE COLORS, AND ALMOST ALL AT ONCE (Kay actually printed the sun from a different block first). By the end of the small edition, my sis and I were tag-teaming it as fatigue set in.




And here is an impression from about half way through the run. Every print was a bit different, as colors and inking were adjusted. By the very last one, the blackish-brown had been lightened to a deep, rich walnut color, our hare had a bit of a pinkish nose and those little flowers at the left had more red in ’em! I know, it sounds gaudy or maybe too cute, but man did it work. I will have to try and get a photo for you.