Prowling • • Cats #167 & #171 • February 13, 2016


If you think this cat looks an awful lot like yesterday’s kitty, you’re right. I made the front end in both by clipping out a rapid cat-shaped silhouette in kraft foam. After it’s surface was ripped and beat up with 36 grit sandpaper (to add character), I saturated it with my drawing ink. The sodden silhouette was then placed face down on a drawing sheet and crudely printed via hand rubbing.


Of course there is a lot of good old fashioned drawing going on in there too, mixed with other tricks.




Here is bonus cat, done with another clipped and inked piece of foam. This time I didn’t beat up the foam’s surface, so it printed very evenly except where I badly scarred the paper beforehand (I ground into it with sandpaper and scraped it with a knife blade). The tail was done in a single brush stroke, dragged back and up over a dampened surface. Sometimes the final result far exceeds my expectations. It’s so nice when that happens!




Ink, and surface alteration on paper – 2015. Both are 10.5″ x 14″


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