Purple appears and reappears • • May 11, 2018




As you know, I’ve been posting one of my flower pictures every day, for my Sweetie, who has been on a month-long work trip far, far away. She returns this coming Wednesday, and guess what? The wisteria that has gone wild in the trees and saplings around our house is blooming right beside where we set up our hammock! It didn’t do that last year. I took this photo for Reidun, just in case the show is over before she gets home.


AND here’s purple perplexity: Reidun has been working via remote on her office computer, which is so darned cool. But, some weirdness happens: when I emailed her this snapshot of a painting I was working on . . .




. . . this is how it looked after bouncing from me – to her computer – and then on to Australia!


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.43.45 am


Life is full of noggin-scratchers! I love my life of sharing them with my beautiful bride, who will be home soon!