Reidun’s Birthday Cats • September 20, 2015

Good Sunday morning to you all –


At last, I’m going to show you Reidun’s cats! All were done on her birthday so she could have a bunch to choose from.


While there was no time to fuss, I did throw in an interesting trick. First, I clipped out the quick shapes of a couple of cats from a sheet of craft foam. Then I beat the surface of those cats up a bit with really coarse sandpaper to give it a little character. Now, if you think of these as my floppy printing blocks you’ll understand what comes next: after brushing a foam cat with drawing ink, I would lay it face down on my paper, then press and rub to transfer the ink. I didn’t have a lot of control over the result, but the happenstance of it was half the fun! The other half was figuring out how to finish each crudely printed beginning. By mid afternoon I had 14 kitties!


Here they all are, in the order I made them:














The next cat is particularly interesting. He’s drawn right over top of random marks made on a piece of scrap paper. I always have scrap sheets beside me on which to adjust the ink loads in my brushes, or to try out a move before doing it for real. Most of this cat is actually made of testing to see how a piece of inked, corrugated cardboard might print (I rubbed it to transfer the ink in the same way I did with my foam rubber).




And then there is this version, done using the last one as it’s guide. Which do you like best? I can’t decide.
















It’s quite the bunch, right? I so enjoyed that day, and Reidun ended up selecting 4 as her present. Hey, if you want to see much sharper, hi-res images of these, you can find them here: