Time to get a move on! • February 8, 2015

There is always a lot of half finished work in my studio. Much of it will never go farther, and sometimes that bothers me. I wish I could more effectively direct my effort and not waste it. But once or twice a year, when I get seriously stalled, I end up glad it works out this way. It’s usually after I’ve careened into some confusing, creative roadblock. I’m stalled again, probably have been for awhile, don’t know why, and regardless of how many times it’s happened, I’m still a little freaked out. Finally comes the intelligent thought that I should just do something else. Truth told, this feels as much like avoidance or irresponsibility as it does wisdom.


A week or more goes by, and then comes the day I run out of other chores and excuses . . and I still don’t want to get back to work! This is just plain laziness, which is an unfortunate aspect of who I am. Sometimes I give into it, but mostly I fight it, because if I give in too much or for too long, it begins to become a habit. That’s really bad. So, when I need a jumpstart for real and immediately, a good way to do it is by messing with something I don’t care about. Fortunately, I have plenty of incomplete drawings to choose from!


My new project (a suite of drawings portraying Paterson, NJ) is fighting me every mark and moment. I’m feeling more beat up than usual and I’ve already gone through the whole cycle I just told you about. My website is updated. I’ve read a pretty good book, and then most of a so so one. I cleaned some old prints and cut mats for them, picked up my studio, and if you want, you can add another etc. or two’s worth of procrastination as well. This morning I reached the get-my-butt-moving moment. It was time to make marks, period. Here is the drawing I chose to throw under my brush:




Now it looks like this. It’s still a little crazy, I think it’s done and I think like it:




Hopefully, after I’ve allowed myself another day or two of almost careless play, I will have loosened up and have enough momentum to shift back to my real task.


Keep your fingers crossed, okay?


Your Buddy Bill ———————


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