Bill Logan Artist • Writer • Bug Maker


I was raised in the perfect way by capable parents who were good with their hands. I carved duck decoys and ship models, tied fishing flies (of course), built gold mining equipment and even a real drift boat with my dad. My biggest (and best) project though, was the airplane my peewee buddies and I built. It looked like a coffin with planks for wings and a tail. We nailed on blue children's building blocks instead of wheels (we had none), figuring our aircraft could skid when it landed.


I'm sure our parents were amused - and that they kept us under strict observation. We were those kind of kids after all, and because of it, we knew how to keep a test flight top secret. One sneaky morning, we sat a baby brother in our plane as the pilot, then picked it up and threw it. SUCCESS - maybe even five feet of it before the crash!! Some held out it was more. It turns out we didn't need the skid blocks, but little Sean Moore cried pretty hard.


Is it any wonder that I kept on making things? Or that I liked grand plans, even after the old neighborhood's baby brothers all grew up and wouldn't let me throw them? Eventually (make that 1988), I apprenticed in an art foundry. After that, I earned an MFA in sculpture (Southern Illinois University), and got pretty good with my own hands. During this next year, the results of that will start appearing below!