SEASON’S GREETINGS – ONE AND ALL! • December 11, 2015



I’ve got the holiday spirit! And it’s not just because it’s also punkin pie season! Nope, it’s because for a little while, creativity runs amuck in the Logan household, and the first thing I get to do is make our annual Holiday Greetings picture. I’ve once again collaged several of my sweet Reidun’s kiddie drawings together in Photoshop, where I also hugely messed with and colorized ’em. It was HUGE fun!


What a lovely time of year, as plans are made, friends and family gather and reconnect, and we all remember why we love, are amused by (and sometimes put up with) each other!


I hope your holidays are as full of fun as ours will be. Enjoy those you cherish, send this tired old year out in style and lets see if we can all make 2016 a very good one!


Your Buddy Bill


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