Simple Rhythms • • April 22, 2017

Logan Flowering 112

Flowering #112

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″



Happy Weekend All!


Not much happened by accident in this picture, yet it still has the freedom of spontaneous mark making. I quite like that balance!


Very often with pictures like this, I have to go through several attempts as I sort out the set of moves I’m looking for. So, while this actual picture didn’t take long to do, I must also count the time taken up by the also rans.


I managed to paint SEVEN really wonderful pictures on my best day ever. Wow! Normally, I’m doing pretty darned well if I get 2-3 nice ones and some others on the fence. Even at that rate, the keepers start stacking up! VERY SOON, I’ll begin sorting many of them into digital albums, as my first step in figuring out how to organize and bind them for real! I’ll show you all of this in progress – can’t wait for you to watch this project take shape!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: Click the picture to really check it out –