Slugging it Out • April 16, 2015


I’ve begun drawing outdoors again, in Paterson, NJ and and it has been slow going. Thus no blog entry in a week. So far, I’ve managed mostly failed attempts at a scene that isn’t as simple as I thought. I chose it thinking it was simple and a good place to start.


So okay, I’ll stick with it. Sometimes plain stubbornness gets me where I’m going.


Here, now finished, is the drawing I showed you in progress last time. There are some really good things happening – – – and some I’m not so sure of. I’m not going to tell you which is what though, because in truth, I’m not certain I know what’s what. Mark making is hard. Assessing the results is hard! I don’t think I know enough yet.


Cheers from New Jersey, where daffodils are blooming!


Your Buddy Bill




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