Snapshots to start the week • • March 5, 2018


Logan Astrups Mountain EV13


Good Monday morning!


In mid-February, I showed you the results of my experiment in using a printing press and India ink – which included the lovely 2-sheet mountain picture above. What I didn’t mention was that my press is too small to print both sheets at once, so each half of each image had to be done separately. Trying to print pairs that matched up was hellish! I ended up with a whole lot that didn’t.


Yesterday, I decided to start painting on top of pairs that were near misses and I gotta tell ya – it was A LOT more fun than the printing part! I’m not sure if any of these will make it all the way, but I’ll see what I can do.


Here are down-n-dirty snapshots of three with promise. Could the first one actually be finished already? Now that I see it here, I’m thinking it might be.


Logan MT painted-printed2


Logan MT painted-printed


Logan MT painted-printed3


AND HERE’S A BONUS IMAGE  – – – I showed you an earlier stage of this one too, but now it’s closing in on a really cool dark on dark night scene. I’m letting myself get excited!


Logan MT painted-printed4