Sneak Peak • • January 11, 2018


Logan-Astrup Peak 1


Hey ya –


Here are down and dirty snapshots of pictures I’ve begun since yesterday. All are of a stormy Norwegian mountain that is pretty darned well known. I’ll tell you more about that soon, but not just yet! First I must succeed with these (and several more versions) because my cojones are involved.


It’s no surprise that I’m already struggling. Why wouldn’t I be though? After all, this is just the beginning of my big new push and I’m trying to manage two things that don’t combine easily: rugged, rocky textures and gauzy, weathery atmospherics. How does one achieve sharply defined and fuzzy all at once?


Oh, and I’m also sticking to mid-tones as much as I can, with almost no use of black. That’s really, really hard for me!


Logan-Astrup Peak 2a


Logan-Astrup Peak 3