Sneak Peak #10 – Amidst Twigs and Branches • April 21, 2016


Hey ya –


It’s been more than a month since we last looked at how this picture was coming along. The pause was the result of my confusion over how to finish the left side, and particularly the tree that must anchor it. Resting a creative dilemma is wise – fresh eyes often find a way forward. Not this time. No answer came, unless you count my deciding to just get on with it, hoping things would go right. That’s never a comfortable plan, but the odds of succeeding are just as good as bad.


Here’s what my picture looked like when I jumped back in yesterday:


Mt Haynes 14 3-5-16


And below is how the tree I’ve been teasing in looks now. There’s still a little work to do, carefully in the tree top, and things aren’t turning out at all like I imagined. That may be okay though, or even better! Perhaps by the weekend I’ll be where I’ve been led.




What I find particularly interesting is how the character of my tree changes when you view it at different distances. From even a few feet back, the grain and texture starts to settle more into an essay in grays, with a little character. Step close, however, and wow is that texture active. I like this change up a lot! To get a sense of what I’m talking about, look at the detail view first as it is here, then make it larger by clicking READ FULL ARTICLE in the gray bar below.