Sneak Peak #2 • February 16, 2016


Haynes 14 sneak peak2


Here’s today’s working shot of the odd mountain picture I’m in the middle of, which is tentatively titled – Mt. Haynes #14 – Memory of Big Trees. 


As I mentioned in my last update (scroll down past the last cat if you wish to read it), I’m trying to work backwards in permanent India ink, reversing from black back into whites and grays as I add ethereal trees. This involves a fair amount of planning and lots of delicate sanding, scraping, erasing, rubbing and surface texturing/retexturing, as well as collaging, the cutting and use of sanding and burnishing patterns – and yeah, even good ol’ painting too. Oh, and I’ve had to do some patching where I’ve abraded clean through my sheet. Yikes. It’s nervous, cautious work with far to go yet, but I think I’m plowing straight. This might really work out!


If you want to track my progress – keep an eye on this blog; I’ll try to update almost daily.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to get a much better look at this, click READ FULL ARTICLE immediately below.