Sneak Peak #5 • February 22, 2016

Good Evening All!


As promised yesterday, here is more on how my new Mt. Haynes picture is coming along. I’ve already shown you how I’m incising/embossing many of the smaller branches and foliage masses, so they are raised and can be sanded back to lighter gray and even white. What you haven’t seen, is my method for doing the big tree trunks and branches.


Once I had a working sketch of how the trees should look (see Sneak Peaks #3 – Feb. 20th), I transferred it to a sheet of the same kind of paper my painting is on. Then I cut it out, as seen below.


Mt Haynes trees cutout1


Next, I taped the cutout down on the back of my actual picture in the exact position I wanted my trees to be in on front.


Mt Haynes 14 trees cutout2


The rest was simple – do you know how you can make a copy of a textured surface by laying a sheet of paper over it and rubbing that with crayons, or a pencil or charcoal? I basically did the same thing in reverse! When I began to ever so carefully sand the area that lay on top of where my tree cutout was positioned, the slightly raised surface the cutout caused was abraded first – and WOW – Ghostly trees began to appear! Just look at those trunks and branches in the photo below – nice, right?


The last photo also shows where my trees are as of this evening. They’re much more focused than expected, and the area in the lower right is not at all what I had planned. I wanted the branches/twigs there to be so light they began to fade into the white of the sheet. As you can see, that’s not happening. Instead, there’s a whole lot of character and textural interplay going on, but is it too much? I don’t think I want to steer things back, yet I don’t quite know how to steer forward either. Tomorrow I’ll ignore my confusion entirely and work on the upper and left side of my silly trees instead!


Mt Haynes 14 Trees so far


I hope I’ll have a good deal more done by tomorrow evening. If I do, I’ll post a new photo.


Your Buddy Bill



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