Sneak Peak #6 – Deep in the Twigs • February 25, 2016

Good Morning All!


I must take a break from the studio for a couple days to write and photograph a quick magazine piece, but before I go, I thought you might like to see how things are coming along with my current Mt. Haynes picture.


Twigs, twigs, twigs – I’m back in the middle of the same pictorial paradox I keep falling into, in which I’m trying to make a suggestive, almost abstract picture while at the same time throwing in realistic (probably obsesseive) detail. I’m uncertain whether my trees even fit with the rest of this painting! It’s probably still too early to tell though. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m certainly headed that way!


Look for my next update early to mid next week –


Your Buddy Bill


mt haynes14 latest trees


What you can’t see in these quick photos is the true degree of texture and physicality in the surface – which I’m still trying to keep light and spectral. Some of what I’m doing can’t even be captured in a photo now. My trees are half painted and/or pressed into the sheet, and half sanded/ground in. I may even add a little granular texture at the end to break up the surface even more  – that is if my sheet can actually take it! Here’s a closer look:


Mt Haynes 14 latest tree detail


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