Sneak Peak #7 • March 2, 2016

MT HAYNES 3-1-16


Hey There Gang –


My other chores are finished, and this morning I started in again on my ever-continuing twigs and branches. It was a really good day! The trees on the right may have gone as far as I’m going to take ’em. I still have a little room for fussing, and I’m considering a round of blind texturing, but I won’t decide whether or not I’ll do any more until the rest of my picture is finished.


Next up is a single tree, that will be sanded and ground into the gray, textured area on the left. I think it ought to be bit brighter, so it looks like it’s a little more in the foreground.


I’ll try to post my next update on this picture either Saturday or Sunday evening.


See you then!


Your Buddy Bill



PS: this is just a so-so detail shot (it’s a little blurry across the bottom), but it might still give you some sense of what I’ve been noodling on for so long!