Sneak Peak #9 – Working White on White • March 6, 2016

Mt Haynes 14 3-5-16


Good Evening All!


This morning, I launched into the tree on the left, and it quickly became a construction project. More and more often, it feels like I’m building a picture rather than painting it! I’ve begun to think of working in ink as a subtractive process. What goes down gets pushed around, beat up, ground back or even covered over with inked and collaged bits. Then I mess with it still more!


My new tree is living up to situation normal. By lunchtime, wonderful base textures were beginning to develop, but they were worrisomely strong. It’s waaaaay too early to have such concerns, but it took me a bit to figure out what was up. The problem wasn’t with my tree at all. I had to give it someplace to settle into. I really like the stark contrast of the white area my trees bracket, and the abstract rhythm of my picture needs such strong character, but it can’t be so blank it looks unfinished. I guess I’ve known for awhile that I had to go back in and give it gritty, grainy personality.


After lunch, I set to work, and now I’m cautiously pleased with the quiet syncopation of blind textures and whispered tone I’ve laid in. Sadly, it doesn’t photograph well with a point-n-shoot effort, though you can see that the area has a more to say. A lot more, actually, so much so that my new tree may be too calm! Sheesh, it’s as if I’m riding a teeter totter rather than slinging ink!


I won’t get bucked off – and with luck, I’ll post my next progress report on Tuesday evening –


Your Buddy Bill



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