So many ways to paint wings! • July 5, 2019


Logan Butterfly 7-4-19


Moth and butterfly wings have captured my attention – or more specifically, the gazillion ways I might paint them have!


I keep thinking I should do more with picture composition. Or perhaps it bugs me (pun alert!) that each time I do one of these, it ends up on the paper in the same basic pose and shape anybody drawing a b-fly would use? Huh. Is that maybe the point? Maybe the simple pose IS the graphic for these little flappers – and it comes down then to what you do next with it?


Logan Moth 2 6-28-19


Logan Moth 3 6-28-19


Logan Moth 1 6-28-19


Moth antennae are kinda cool too!


Logan Moth 2 7-4-19


Logan Moth 1 7-4-19