So much is going on! • November 23, 2016


Hey Ya –


I’m trying to do a whole lot of things at once! Of course there has been some ink slinging – how could there not be? And guess what? Some of my work has just been delivered to a new gallery. Wow! I’ll tell you more about that in the not too distant future.


You may have also noticed there have been design changes on my website. Whole new sections have also been set up and are ready to be loaded with show-n-tell. Oh, is that going to take some doing – I’m about to get started.


But first I have two more articles to do for Fly Tyer Magazine. Both are due in a few weeks, and yet another pair are out now in the current issue.


I’m a little tired, it’s only Tuesday and tomorrow words must flow, so it’s time for zzzzz’s. Here’s a little something sweet for our dreams:




I photographed these wild fishing flies to accompany one of the articles I just mentioned. They’re absolutely the best ones I’ve ever been given, and were made just for me by the cooooooolest girls on the planet, Ariela Spence, who is eight, and her little sister Talia, who is five. They live in West Yellowstone, MT – and so rule their world that their father, Justin, never even blinked when they started braiding his hair and putting pink bows in one evening last August. He just slouched lower in his chair so his daughters could reach, and smiled patiently as we kept talking about the fishing. When the gleeful girls had finished, the effect was, well, surprisingly fetching. I think he may have been talking to all three of us when he tried to explain that pink ribbons weren’t quite the look for a respected fly fishing guide. Later, I found out that the next morning, one overlooked bow did almost make it to the river!


Good Night All –


Your Buddy Bill