So on the edge • • April 5, 2018


Logan Mountain 4-5-18b


Good Morning!


I’ve been up and at it for quite awhile, so I’m taking a little break to show you quick snapshots!


I’m really using the press I moved up into my studio, and am still printing with my good old drawing ink (India Ink). Man-o-man it’s crazy time! Watery, out of control and barely predictable – – – kinda. I mean, I know if something will come out gray, for instance, but how it’ll print in gray and what weirdness will be in it? That’s always a surprise, sometimes bad. BUT the best part is that the unfortunate stuff makes me attack and mess with my pictures more aggressively than ever.


So, good is great and bad can end up pretty good too.


All of these pictures were printed, painted upon, and had their surfaces very badly abused. I’m pretty darned excited. I’m pretty darned elemental. And I’m getting back to it!


More to come –


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Mountain 4-5-18a


Logan Mountain 4-5-18c