Some color for a dreary day • November 11, 2015



Good Morning All –


THREE DAYS TO MY OPENING – and we’re just about set!


Small tasks remain, most of which probably only matter to me. I’m knocking ’em off my list on this cooooold, wet and so very, very gray morning. I needed some color in my day, so I’ve popped in with a pretty picture: it’s a portion of the background from the animation project my sis and I struggled with as Christmas Elves last year – and it’s made up of my Sweet Reidun’s childhood drawings – collaged and colorized by moi (in Photoshop).


Planning is now underway between the eastern and western divisions of the United Elves Manufacturing and Packing (yes, we are unionized), for this year’s Christmas effort. There seems to be concern among the leadership over the estimated project size and work load, and may be some fear that the eastern gang has become a bit lazy? Discussions continue.


Your Buddy Bill