Sometimes I’m so mistaken • • May 13, 2018


Logan Flowering 199 blog


A big ol’ bloom again, I know, but with story: while painting it, I became so disillusioned that I tossed it like a frisbee into the corner. Do you see all those dripping marks going upwards? Thats when they happened! I pitch a lot of losers onto the floor, but this is the only time it ever resulted in such wonderful and unexpected marks!


A few days later, while cleaning up a bit, I rediscovered this picture, and I changed my mind completely. I don’t know why I hated it so, but I was wrong – it’s a good one. There are some quite wonderful mark/texture combinations going on in there!


The funniest part is that I’ve tried making intentional “frisbee” marks but can’t get them to work right!


Here are close ups for you:


Logan Flowering 199 detail1 blog


Logan Flowering 199 detail2 blog