Space filler • • April 10, 2018


Logan Flowering 78


I promised show-n-tell for today, but I’m not feeling great, so no new landscapes. Fear not – I hope to be wildly back at it tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are two pictures to hold you over, and something interesting that I’ve discovered.


Apparently, I retain a sense of moves or marks I’ve made, long after I’ve forgotten making them! It’s only now, as I sort out the scans of almost 300 flower pictures, that I see how they have resurfaced here and there without my realizing it.


I remember liking the picture above quite a lot when I made it, but I was worried that it was too whacky to be recognizable as a bloom. Now look at this! Close to a year later, almost the same flower popped up again (below at right), but this time it’s in context. That picture tumbled out so fast, and I was pleased, but I guess it wasn’t quite as spontaneous as I thought! I wonder what else is drifting around in my noggin, waiting to reappear?


Logan Flowering 292