We start the week with an odd one • October 30, 2017


Logan Flowering 292


Good Morning All –


This strange, make believe bloom was, of course, painted – but it’s also partly collaged, which for some reason a lot of people think is a bad thing, like cheating.


There are a lot of juried art exhibitions that wouldn’t allow this in because if it. One show I would love to have work in, the American Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition, is a good example, but then they also wouldn’t let me in because I use ink. Isn’t that silly? India Ink is basically nothing more than a higher grade form of watercolor. They will allow every other water based media. You can used acrylic paint, so plastic is okay. Hmmph. I don’t get it. It bugs me right now, especially, because the entry deadline is coming up and I can’t enter.


Oh well, I love what I’m doing. And I always, ALWAYS know how lucky I am whenever I get to make pictures – as I will be in moments


Have a satisfying and productive day –


Your Buddy Bill