Starting Line & in the Long Haul • October 26, 2016




In the middle of a project that becomes much larger than expected, it’s all too easy to lose my sense of momentum. I have no idea whether I’m progressing as I hoped, or really even moving at all. When this happens, it’s time to glance back at the beginning. I’m almost always reassured when I do this. I have been facing forward and my work has improved.


First pictures always seem so easy when viewed in hindsight, as though they just flew down onto the paper. That’s not how it goes in the middle of things. Predictably, I wonder if I’ve gone astray, but that usually just means I let something or other drop that should be picked up again. Marks, moves, some aspect of character or composition – whatever I see from then that would help now is put back to work. And on I go.


I wonder how big my mob of flowers is going to end being, and what the view will be like when I’m finished? I’ve no way of knowing, but the picture above is the very first of this series. The one just below is from the middle as things now stand, and the last one is the latest posted on my website. Yep, I am moving right along!






See hi-res & detail views of all my flowers here:


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