Still Raining • • November 11, 2017


Logan Flowering 203


Within any big series of pictures, there are inevitably the equivalent of small series too. And before I say another word, did you know that series is both its singular and plural self? When we’re talking about a group of something, doesn’t it seem as if there should be another “s” on the end of that word?. I mean, don’t we say: series-es? Well, at least I do!


Okay, back on topic: I’ve written before of how often I do multiple versions of a picture, when I’m chasing after a particular idea.  The truth is, if I’m moving fast I don’t pay much attention to what’s piling up behind me. Only now, as I prep close to 200 new pictures for addition to my website, am I’m seeing these little sub-groups of pictures in order and context. More than once, I’ve realized that I could go back and explore notions further, maybe even move sideways with them, which would then, of course, become a the new forward.


So that you have a bit of context yourself, the picture in my last post was from the beginning of a mini-run of rainy scenes. There are 8 or 10 of ’em, and today’s picture is from just about the end of that batch. I’ll show you the ones in between as we go along, but I’m also going to shuffle things up a bit too, so who knows what I’ll post tomorrow!