Still swimming with the fishes! • February 11, 2020


Logan Fish 2 2-6-20


Although in truth, fish like these would keep me outta the ocean – or at least from going in past my knees!


Also, the unfinished fish are stacking up. Turns out I’m afraid of fins. Gonna have to face my phobia and get ’em done. Maybe today?


Here are close ups of the scary dude above:


Logan Fish 2 2-6-20 detail 2


Logan Fish 2 2-6-20 detail 1


Kinda wild – and kinda finished!


Logan Fish 2-9-20


That big swipe that made the gill plate was done with a dry brush dragged through ink already down on the sheet. Could have been a disaster. Such things often are. But this time – WOW! It’s the whole reason I continually opt for risky moves!


Logan Fish detail 1


Had bigger plans for this one, but got this far and said, “Nope – done!”


Logan Fish 1 2-8-20


Does he desperately need fins or is he just decomposing, in which case he’s also done?


Logan fish 2 2-8-20


Finally, two from yesterday’s effort – still need their teeth – – –


Logan Fish 1 2-11-20


Logan Fish 1 2-11-20