Straight to the point • • November 27, 2018


Logan Ant 6 11-27-18


You KNOW how much I like messing with a picture, but do do it, I often must start with a much more straight forward version, just to sort out basic moves.


I didn’t use to like these beginner images that much, but now I’m beginning to realize just how hard I can lean on no nonsense mark making too. There is power in these, without too much viewer challenge.


Don’t worry – more odd ants are on deck, so you’ll see them soon too!


Logan Ant 2 11-27-18


Logan Ant 3 11-27-18


When my brush sort of wanders off on it’s on, as happened in the next two pictures, I’m left trying to catch up and thinking, ” It’s so weird that it’s going like this!” Good moments – want more of ’em!


Logan Ant 4 11-27-18


Logan Ant 5 11-27-18