A Stray Moment • November 27, 2016




Hey All –


In the spare minutes I have around the edge of my writing chores, I’ve begun casting about for an image to use on the Logan digital holidays greetings for 2016. I’m wondering if I might use one of my adlib heart scenes.


I should explain: when Reidun and I go for our Saturday morning walk through the neighborhood, I usually head home after one circuit, while she does another little loop. That adds an extra 25 minutes or so to her stroll, which gives me just enough time to figure out how to set up a little tableau for her discover. I snap a quick few photos and then skedaddle before she comes into view.


On the morning I did this, the first leaves of autumn were changing color, and a ray of sunshine was striking a low branch just inside the gate leading into our back field. I folded and tore hearts out of the bright leaves I’d picked up and placed them just so. There were actually quite a few more than you see in this close up. I know the color is a bit exaggerated. I really pumped it up before having this image made into a postage stamp for my Sweetie.


Have a fine rest of your weekend!


Your Buddy Bill