Stunning Textures! • July 20, 2015

Good Morning All –


I’m leaving for Norway in less than two weeks, and am counting the days. For so long it seemed the trip was so far off, but not now! I’ve never found the right words to describe the beauty of western Norway, and my art making may never do it justice. Nevertheless, I’ll take another stab at it while I’m over there – and when I’m not fly fishing! I have a terrible case of trout on the brain now, which is actually the perfect mindset. Since I last wrote, I’ve been working on columns and an article for Fly Tyer Magazine.


Below is the side of the most beautiful Brook Trout I’ve ever seen (his head shot will accompany my new article). I caught and released this little fellow some years ago on The Big Blue, which is the paradoxical name of a minuscule creek high up in the mountains of southern Colorado. Have you ever seen anything so gloriously colored up and textured?


I’ll write again soon –


Your Buddy Bill




The closer you looked, the more entrancing the view became!




It is really worth seeing enlarged views of these two photos – click READ FULL ARTICLE in the gray bar just below.