Sunday Play Day • December 1, 2014

Hey all –


This morning, I realized I didn’t want to begin another day of careful rendering, or problem solving. I just wanted to sling ink, beat the crap out of a sheet and see if something interesting happened. So, I decided to attack a sacrificial drawing and either finish or scrap it by day’s end. An odd owl with some nice moves was my selected victim. He had stalled more than a year ago. Geez, that didn’t seem possible.


It was a good day.


And long one too. I’m pooped, and a meatloaf sandwich seems like the nicest thing that could possibly happen right now. So, here are THREE new owls, and then down the stairs I go!


Your Buddy Bill ——————-


This is the one I picked to die – but he didn’t! He’s still odd and awkward, yet he keeps you looking.



These two were done today from start to finish. They also play peekaboo with their trees, and are good examples of how my pictures are becoming increasingly textural.

owl 1 owl3


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