Surprise – here it is! • October 31, 2015

Mt Haynes 11 blog

Mt. Haynes #11 – Winter Stays Long

Ink and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″





I can’t believe it’s finished, but hey – that’s what happens if I can’t sleep, and so work all night! And I gotta tell you, it was a really good thing I was so slap happy in the wee hours because the disasters just piled up. At one point my paper was so sodden and fatigued that I accidentally ripped out a section half the size of my palm! A few minutes later a corner went. And still I made it through, too tired to even panic, patching and repairing as I went. I may not be a purist, but I sure as heck know how not to be!


By mid-morning the mountain looked lovely and the sky foreboding. Perfect. Done. Next comes a nap and then I must get to my framing. I’m certain that next week will be quite the whirlwind, but this week is sure ending nicely!


To see a hi-res image and detail views: