Sweet Photo from a FINE Artist! • March 15, 2016


Good Morning All –


I haven’t had the winter of creative progress I wanted and I’m disappointed, perhaps even blue. Yet so often, when I’m down and confused about whether what I’m doing is worthwhile or even any good, a kind soul says or does just the right thing to prop me back up. It happened yesterday, when I received this sweet photo of my waterfall painting, newly hung over my dear friend, Lisa Caballero’s mantlepiece.


She wrote that while looking at it, a student of hers said, ” I can smell the water. How can a picture make me smell something?”


Wow, okay, time for me to quite moping, dust off and get it back in gear.




Lisa is one of my most treasured art buddies. She’s a rare, brilliant painter, and one of the most effective, sensitive observers I’ll ever meet (that’s one of her paintings hanging beside mine).


Lisa has quite literally changed the way I see things! And she is fierce and immediate in following passion. She called first dibs on this painting of mine less than an hour after I’d posted on my blog that it was finished! She flew in just to attend my opening at The Paterson Museum last November.


I’m at a loss here, trying to express my wonder and gratitude. I think maybe the word I’m looking for is devotion. It’s how I feel towards her. I treasure Lisa for her generous spirit, wisdom, and for her devotion to (and support of) my own efforts. Most of all, I’m grateful for her friendship, and because I know that even as I’m trying to find my way, Lisa is doing the same. She is always moving forward. I try very hard to be just like her.


To see Lisa’s incredible, contemplative work: http://lisacaballeroart.com/


Have a fine day –


Your Buddy Bill