Trying to Save a Failing Picture • July 2, 2016




This not very good snapshot is of a mess of a picture begun in Norway last August, when I spent time huddled under an umbrella trying to draw the cottage garden in the rain. Since then, it has lain neglected at the bottom of a sad stack of half completed work.


This morning though, I started digging through that stack. It’s time to either finish some of this stuff or tear it up.


I don’t know why I can’t just ditch this picture. It’s pretty much a horror, but there is also a sort of discombobulated cool feel to it too. I can’t let go of that, not yet. What started as some phlox is turning into a rather ugly sunflower. Weird . .  and now what do I do?


Tomorrow I’ll try to find the answer. Either that or this one will end up as scrap paper. I’ve got plenty of that!


Happy Fourth of July!


Your Buddy Bill