Taking the Plunge • March 17, 2015



My hands are full with this one, and it’s a battle! First I do a passage that looks so lovely it gives me the tingles. Just look at some of that water. Wowee zowee! Then, thinking I’m hot, I jump right onto the next part . . . and everything goes so, sooooo wrong. Blotches, sanding, scrubbing and even patching – which to keep my creative dignity, I will refer to as collage, if ever I finish this beast. Yet even the worst of the mess (again, some of the water) really isn’t that bad, if I let go of what I was trying to do. It’s very confusing.


Big worries lie ahead. I’m uncomfortable with how dark this drawing is getting. All of the water and rock is beginning to look the same to me, and that can’t be good! Yet, I’m being true to the view. It is that dark and overly textural in there. In reality, I think it’s the water’s movement that provides visual relief and definition in this scene. You watch it, rather than paying much attention to what it’s running through. Yet my water can’t move. It has look like it’s doing it though, and I think the walls must have some sort of solid looking brushwork and underlying vertical grain.


Below is my earlier, failed attempt. The water is a total disaster, but the rock wall is nice. I’m better with rock than water.




And here we have my new drawing again, with the rock wall from the old one photoshopped in. It works better than I imagined. I guess I’ll be painting that wall for real tomorrow!




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