I’m NOT Lost in the Woods! • January 13, 2015

The trees in this drawing are taking a whole lot longer than expected, and I’m not there yet. I’m pretty worn out too, but pleased with the rich interplay of textures, tone and shadows. And I’m learning still more about just how much I can rip and scrape into a sheet! Sometimes, when the paper is damp, it feels more like I’m sculpting than drawing, as I literally push around small areas of  surface pulp. In a sense, I’m actually building these trees! Once I’m finished, I’ll have to stabilize areas that I’ve abused so thoroughly that they’ve become fragile. Lots of little tags, flaps and fuzz will have to be glued back down, and I’m sure I’ll need to patch and strengthen some places from the back too.


My new estimate is at least 5 more days to completion. Once I’m through with leaves and branches though, I’ll probably take a break and begin a new drawing, something much looser. I’m thinking it’s time to do a view of the Paterson Great Falls.


I’ll check in again in a couple of days –

Your Buddy Bill ————————-


PS: Here is a quick shot of my drawing as it is now. The photo doesn’t do it justice (too contrasty), but if you compare it with the one I took last wednesday, you can still see I’ve come a ways! To enlarge the images, click READ FULL ARTICLE (in the gray bar), immediately below the photos.